18 Sep 2013

Letters To AOI #6: Your Smile

When You're Smiling by Doris Day on Grooveshark

“When you’re smiling,
The whole world smiles with you” sung by Doris Day

AOI and mummyDear sweet girl,

Today you turned 22 months and I can’t believe that in just two months you will be 2 years old. I really wonder how time flies and I worry I don’t document enough about your achievements.

Your smile! You see that smile… it makes my heart skip beats. I love your smile so much. It’s joy for me to see your beaming smile.

So much has happened since I wrote you an open letter. You are the best toddler I know, with minor attitude issues, but we get along so well. You like to play with me and some afternoons I just drop whatever I am doing to sit on the floor with you and play or read stories.

June/July we travelled to Europe and you enjoyed it. However, there were times you didn’t like the changes too much. For this reason you wanted to be by my side or daddy’s side because maybe you were worried we would leave you alone. As soon as we returned home your confidence bounced back. You weren’t worried to go to other people and, one day, you even left me and daddy to go play with other children you never seen before.

You are a chatty little girl. My afternoons are filled with your sweet little voice talking to your stuffy toys and asking me questions to which you know the answers. For instance you ask “What’s this mama?” I say respond and you say “No, it’s…” I just love how you call me mama. Sometimes I think you like it too because you just call me for no reason at all.

You love to sing. You have a lovely voice. I mean it. You are more in tune than me. You can sing You’re My Sunshine, Ba ba Black Sheep, Hickery Dickery Dock… and many more. I wonder if you are going to be a singer one day. But I also wonder if you are going to be an author because you like telling stories and pretending to read. You know how to count to 10 and say ABCs. You understand me when I speak to you in Italian but you normally respond in English. Just few months ago you could count in Italian but now, you prefer to count in English. Sometimes you say something in English with one Italian word in the middle. For example one day you said “I spegni the light.” meaning “I turned off the light.”

I once wrote that you have great memory, that’s skill is just getting better as you grow. Once you hear something once you just memorise it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lately your favourite hobby is building mega bloks. You spend hours playing with them or reading to your teddies or taking them for a ride on the bicycle..

You are a mini version of me; I see so much of the characteristics I used to have in you. You are determined, brave and free willed. Whenever you want to something you want to try by yourself and only when you can’t do it you ask for a little help. I really hope you will always have those characteristic but also remember that you don’t have to be afraid to ask for a little help when you are in need.  AOI washing

You are helpful and want to help mummy every chance you get. The other day you insisted in helping me wash the dishes. You did such a great job, you washed it all clean. But sometimes your help turns into a mess, especially when you throw your teddies around the house.

We started potty training before we left for Europe but due to unplanned traveling within our trip we didn’t keep up with the training. We started again once we got back home. We slowly getting there. You tell me when you need the potty 70% of the time.

Also, just before we left for Europe I found out I was going to give you a sibling. I believe you could sense it even before I did the test. You became obsessed with my belly and you would scream belly, belly every time I was getting ready for our day. You are going to be a sibling and you are already in love with the baby. One morning you said

“I see baby at doctor.” you then nod your head to confirm what you just said. You then asked “Where is baby picture?”

I gave it to you and told you to be careful not to ruin the ultrasound picture. You took care of the picture, you then kiss it and put it back in the drawer. The other day you said “Baby, I love you.” and kissed the belly. Or other times you come to me and say “Mummi, I want to cuddle baby.” after awhile you ask “What baby doing?”

I tell you baby is sleeping or relaxing and you gently repeat that. 

Right then I think How can a toddler aware of the meaning of having a baby in the belly. I mean your first ever proper word was BABY. I believe you are going to be such an awesome big sister. I am so happy to have you next to me in this journey as mother of two.

sieve hat

You are such a fun girl to be around with. The other day I was working on my laptop and when I turned I found you with a sieve on your head. Who does that if not a comedian?

Today while we were in the living room you stood there arms stretched out and said “I want to fly!”

OMG, you are so dramatic and creative, and I love your shining personality. You make me such a PROUD mother. 

I love you so much, amore mio.

All my heart,




  1. Gosh...I just love seeing pictures of you and your baby. You guys are just so cute!

  2. In that pic your daughter looks very much like the daughter of our friends. She is adorable.

  3. This is so sweet! I love the picture with you and your daughter :) I completely understand about helping turning into a mess... happens almost every time, lol!

  4. I love this letter...I can just imagine her reading these letters someday and just smiling and loving them. So sweet!! Congrats on the sibling...so exciting!!

  5. Simply beautiful. I must start writing letters to my son again and daughter. I get so bust and wrapped up in life it is always hard to find the time to write, o even take pictures. I feel s bad sometimes because they are growing so fast I don't want to miss or not capture the moments that I want to forever cherish. You inspire me my love. Thank you.

  6. She has gotten so big her hair is so long now. You will make a wonderful mummy of 2.

  7. You write so well TOI, one day she'll read these letters and just cry because they are so beautiful.

    Love that picture of the two of you, so sweet. She definitely has a beautiful and warm smile


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