14 Sep 2013

Portrait of My Child #8

These are the portrait of AOI from July.
Week 26at the museum3
“Mmmm, interesting piece.” she contemplated
Week 27feeding pigeons at duomo
feeding pigeons in front of Milan Duomo
Week 28behind the door
trying to open the door to the sea
Week 29cuddles
cuddles: a tender moment between two cousins
52 portraits
My favourite from last week is by Rebucado Acido


  1. I've been catching up on your Europe posts. Unfortunately there is racism no matter where you go in the world. People will find any reason to hate other to feel better about themselves (only to ironically feel worse about themselves). ANYWAY-- I love all these photos and Europe looks amazing. Aside from mental health issues with your brother it seems like everything else was for the most part wonderful.

    1. it was really wonderful and the good news is that he is doing so well. he is out from the hospital and we are all looking at the bright side

  2. these are just so precious....and oh my goodness...look at those curls!!

  3. Eva was terrified of those pigeons in Milan! Haha.

    1. AOI wanted to catch them. she cried when they run away from her, lol

  4. AOI is so adorable. I know I say this everytime but it's soooo true. I love that last picture where you can see her face up close. I can see some of you in her. She's beautiful!

  5. She is growing up so fast! She is so cute! Those curls, adorable! She's adorable!


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