28 Sep 2013

Pregnancy #2: First Trimester

I'm sincerely surprised at how fast my second pregnancy is moving along. 

I am closer to my third trimester, being 23+ weeks. Unlike my first pregnancy, I’m late in updating and writing letters/notes for this little sweet baby within my belly I’ll start very soon}

NOTE: the jeans in picture week 6 are very lose now that I am 23+ weeks pregnant than when I was only week 6, strange body.
Pregnancy 4-7weeks

Maybe time went by so fast because I was still not sure I was truly pregnant. But apparently second babies are very fast in coming into some people’s life Winking smile.

When I found out in May and phoned my midwife, she didn’t see me until a day before we left for Europe. Also during the appointment she didn't listen to the baby heartbeat or anything, she just confirmed with me the date of my last period to check my hypothetical due date on her chart.
I left her studio a little bit sad, because I thought she was going to let me listen to the heartbeat or at least ask me do another pregnancy test, just do something.

Physically I was feeling okay, just piling on the weight and I was not happy about my appearance. I felt like I couldn't dress or look good in any outfit. I was feeling so frumpy I even thought about buying new items, this time maternity clothes. I wanted to shop in Europe. But I couldn't any kind of shopping for one reason or the other. I just bought a skirt and top for my brother's graduation, but I looked like a seven months pregnant lady.

Anyways, just like my first pregnancy, this pregnancy is sailing smoothly. I’m in LOVE with my sweet little MANGO. Finally I have a nickname for baby #2.

Appetite and food: I am lucky, because I didn’t have any morning sickness. I just felt a little bit of nausea now and again, but nothing scary.

However, I didn’t have appetite, but that didn’t stop me from eating well whilst in Italy and eating lots of Nandos in Britain.

But once stress got to me, I lost my appetite. The smell of food just made want to stop eating all together. I weighed 83 kilos (183 pounds) at my first midwife appointment. When I got back, at my third midwife appointment, I weighed 80 kilos (176 pounds). I was worried but the midwife reassured me that baby was getting what baby needed so I didn’t have to fret.

Now, I’m back into eating everything, I’m really into spicy food. I am not into sweets at all – the only sugar I get are from fruit and a little bit of honey. Eat fruit, vegetables (juicing nearly every day), soya milk, pasta, rice, noodles and some Chinese or Thai food. 

Also I don’t want to eat for two so I am conscious about what I eat. I really want to achieve my ideal body weight once I give birth, unlike after last pregnancy, which I post more on post-partum than during. I’m definitely going to follow Erica’s Post-Partum Bootcamp after I give birth in January.

I hope I’m getting good nutrition through the list of food above. I take the folic acid without fail – I forgot about taking it couple of times since discovering the pregnancy.

Question: How do/did you feel during your pregnancies? Do/did you have a nickname for your baby/babies?

p.s: I found out that there are so many of us bloggers pregnant with babies due early 2014. I was wondering if you are interested in doing a link up called BLOGGER BABY BOOM. This will help us meet other mothers with similar baby birthdates and keep ourselves in good company during this precious moment of our lives. What do you think?


  1. You know I'm in! :)

    This pregnancy is smoother than the first in some ways, but harder in others. I'm definitely more tired, but not nauseous at all this time. Also, my boobies don't hurt at all yet but they were killing me at this point in my last pregnancy.

  2. I lost TONS of weight when I was pregnant. I was sick almost the entire 8 months (dom didn't make it to 9) , I was pregnant. No worries, you're eating well and the baby is healthy <3

  3. I had morning sickness through both of my pregnancies. I had it so bad with Moo they thought about putting me in the hospital because I wasn't gaining weight and I was getting too dehydrated. My second pregnancy wasn't as bad. Glad everything is going well with your pregnancy.

  4. It's so awesome your second pregnancy is going along so beautifully...I'm sure the letters and pics will come with time. Love the bw pics...so classic!

  5. I would def. be interested in a baby boom linkup....there seriously is SO MANY bloggers pregnant right now.

  6. Thanks for the update! I love reading these.

    I seriously feel that all my blog friends are pregnant! I'm sure many will be interested in the blog linkup.

  7. so glad to hear that your 2nd is going along so well! glad to see some updates, and I know you have a perfectl good reason! Or at least my almost 2 year old keeps from blogging as much as I would like!


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