3 Sep 2013

Week 35: Non Stop

NOTE: Thanks to everyone who stopped to leave a thoughtful comment on my last post. My brother is feeling so much better. He is not in the hospital right now, but having short break in Devon, England.AOI playtime Our week was another go go week. We had a relaxing weekend but it was still a busy one. We were away until Monday 11pm.

Last Monday we got ready to go to post something but on the way it started raining and AOI fell asleep so I quickly turned back home. In the afternoon we went to post the card and on our way back stopped at a local playground. AOI decided to do do some yoga poses. She is just so funny, she makes me laugh so much.

Tuesday we went to the playground in the morning. On our way home she fell asleep but woke up when I was trying to put her to bed. She didn’t sleep again. She stayed up all afternoon to play with her teddies and dance around the house.
At about two I put some children music on songza and she wanted to play with me. I lifted up in the air and twirled her around. She wanted to climb up my leg but I told her to dance instead. She pulled her left arm while she was trying to get down. We had to rush to the emergency room but it was nothing to worry about. She had Tylenol and though initially she didn't want it, in the end she asked for a little bit more of that cherry tasted Tylenol. The doctor had to rotate her arm for the pain to go. By the time we were back home she was alright and bubbly again.

Wednesday I made sure she has her afternoon nap. We went for a walk and she fell asleep 10 minutes into the walk. After nap and snack we went to the spray park.

Thursday morning, around ten, we went to Pooh's corner at the library for story time. AOI managed to concentrate for ten minutes after that she clearly told me "Let's go there" and pointed to the play area outside Pooh's den. She fell asleep in the car. When we got home she kept on sleeping for two hours straight. I love it when she has long naps, that allows me to write, which I am slowly getting back into.

In the afternoon we packed our bags for our weekend trip to north Saskatchewan. We left Friday early afternoon for Waskesiu. We wanted to spend some time there before we left for our final destination: La Ronge. Saturday late morning we left Waskesiu for La Ronge where we were joined by other friends. We rented two cabins and stayed there until Monday. We got home just before midnight. That short holiday needs it own post.

Week 35 iPhone Photo Dump is not very muchiPhone Photo Dump Week 35


  1. Glad to hear that your brother is feeling better! Looks like you all had fun getting outdoors.

  2. i so wish we had a splash/spray park in our area! Elyse would absolutely love it!

  3. Wish we had a splash park too because it's been very hot here in NC. Sounds like you guys did a lot this week. That's great! You little girl is so precious.

  4. I think Dominic and your little one should have an arranged marriage ;) She is so pretty and adorable <3. I feel like we are go go go quite a bit too.


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