9 Sep 2013

Week 36 – Delightful


fishing with daddy


I feel as if last week was the cherry on top of a layered summer. Our week was one of the best and I am so grateful for it because it wrapped up everything nicely.

Monday we spent the rest of the day in La Ronge then travelled back early evening. We stopped on the way to fish and to have dinner by a lake between Prince Albert and Waskesiu. We were so lucky to experience a sunset that mirrored it was difficult to separate from sky and water.

Tuesday we took it very easy. AOI had such a long nap, I managed to write and keep going through my novel to accept/reject any changes the editor made for me.

Wednesday was a chilling day at home. Some days I really give myself the break my body deserves.

Thursday we went to Pooh’s corner and C and her mom joined us. AOI had one of the longest naps she has ever had and I managed to write and edit my novel. When daddy got back home from work he took AOI to the spray park. She was so happy when she heard the word swimming suit. However it was close for the season. They went for a walk by the river.

Friday we saw the little baby growing in me for the first time. It was such a beautiful family moment to share. We stayed home in the morning and then in the afternoon we went to have the ultrasound. AOI was sleeping when we got there but woke up few minutes later. She was so quiet, observing what the woman was doing to mummy’s belly. After observing she asked “What’s that baby doing?” she asked looking at the screen

“Baby is relaxing” I replied surprised at how she easily understands there is a baby growing in mummy’s belly. She understands so much, she’s incredible and I just love her.

Saturday turned out so differently from what we have planned. The day didn’t look exciting. Some of our friends organised an outing at the lake but the weather was grey so two families, including us, turned down the offer. We slouched in the house the whole morning, and then in the afternoon we took AOI out for fresh air to help her sleep. We walked to fair on the coolest street in our city. There were shows and activities for children. We loved shopping because many things were discounted for the occasion. I wanted to buy some TOM shoes but they didn’t have anything that fitted me within the sale. I was browsing some items when I saw my friend L, the mother from other family who decided not to go the lake.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with them. We went to see the pony stand and the children went o play in the park. AOI loves playing with R, their son. He is the little boy who had to go through chemo therapy last year and beginning of this year due to leukaemia. He is doing great. We are so happy to have them back from Toronto. Unfortunately they are going to back to Israel in November.

In the evening we went to an outdoor cinema organised by our community. The film was Epic, it reminded me a little bit of Avatar. It was such an awesome experience because it’s was the first time I was watching a movie under the open sky and also the first time I was watching a movie at a ‘cinema’ with hubby since AOI was born nearly two years ago. And last but not list it was the first time AOI was watching a movie on a big screen and outside the house. Before the pictures began they entertained the crowd with pop and rock music. Our daughter is more into rock. She wouldn’t sit still, she danced and danced until the movie began.

week 36 photo dump

How was your week?

Have a great week 37


  1. So glad l found you TOI, over from Em's blog and Stills. Wow those blue cloud filled skies are amazing. Such joyful and blissful photos. you are very talented young lady. x have a great week

  2. Glad you all had fun. Can't wait until your novel is finished and published to see what it's all about.


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