30 Sep 2013

Week 39: Savage Garden

plashing in the rain under the red umbrella
This week’s post title was inspired by the fact that I heard the Australian late 90s duo-band while listening to songza and I was taken back into my lonely but enjoyable teenage years. Ah, la nostalgia Smile
To the Moon & Back by Savage Garden on GroovesharkI Want You by Savage Garden on Grooveshark
  • Monday morning AOI told me "Mummy, I want to go play with bloks and my animals".

She clearly didn't want to go to the swimming pool. I knew how the day was going to turn out if I didn't insist taking her to the swimming pool. So I kept telling her we are going to the swimming pool. In the end she stopped saying no and just asked me if she can have tortilla chips. We went to the swimming after her mid-morning snack. At one point I turn to see her starting to doze off so I sang all the way for her to stay awake.

She LOVED swimming. At some point she even tried to swim alone, without her armbands. I am so proud of her.

After swimming we had an appointment with the rehabilitating people regard AOI's hand. The way they talk sounds as if we are worried about AOI's hand out we not. I mean we know that she does everything and will do everything with her hand, all we went there was to found out of they have thinks that protect her hand in case she falls during skating this winter. Just like the way she learned to crawl or walk so she will learn to skate without problems.

In the evening I attended a workshop for grant writing. That thought me two about the journey of writing (I want to share more about that in another post, stay tuned)


  • Tuesday we had French playgroup. She is so much in law with Edward Elephant, she hadn't seem him the whole day so when she found it later in a bag she cuddled and kept kissing her favourite stuffy toy.


  • Wednesday it rained. In the morning AOI and I had a good lie in.  When she woke up she said "Elephant in the bag"

"Elephant was hiding in the bag"

"Yeahhh" and she laughed. Random but that shows she can entertain herself with her observations.

Later we braved the rain and went to the library for the French play group. We made a library card for AOI, in this she can return her own books, lol :).

Oh, I also purchased a desk for only 20$, I found it on kijiji.

In the afternoon, after nap time I put on songza, Dawson's Creek playlist, and danced with AOI to mid to late nineties tunes. In some ways, I miss that period. It was so much fun dancing with my dancing queen A :).


  • Thursday was another rainy day. We only went to playgroup. After which I captured AOI with my favourite red umbrella.


  • Friday we chilled at home. We were supposed to meet with C and her mum but after day care C wasn't feeling well so we didn’t see each other. I was tired anyways and also wanted to get ready for our trip to Montreal on Sunday so I was okay with it.


  • Saturday AOI and I went to story time at the library while daddy had some friends over to bottle their homemade wine {that must be one of the best birthday gifts I ever bought him, because they are saving on buying wine, it works out about $4 a bottle compared to $9 for a very nasty taste shop wine}

After lunch AMI went to his office to work on his presentation for the conference in Montreal, AOI had a very long nap {after battling against sleep} from 2:30pm until 5pm, that meant I could work and send out some emails. But most importantly, it meant a late bedtime routine.

When AOI fell asleep in the evening, we packed our travel bag quickly and painlessly {I can't believe nowadays I pack my travel bags just a few days before we leave for the trip. Once I used to back two weeks or more in advance}


  • Sunday we took our flight to Montreal. AOI was a great traveller, she complained at times but she was a great fun. She loved the flight and even waved goodbye to the air hostess without our encouragement. After she's done that she said "I waved bye-bye." That little made this mamma so proud! Also she wanted to help pushed her suitcase.

At one point she didn’t want daddy to sit in his passenger seat. Well, this is the last trip which she doesn't have to pay and she has to sit in our laps. Next trip we will have to pay for toddler and we will have free baby on board {we better start saving more}.

I watched The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio is simply splendid in it. I love that actor! Also that’s one of my favourite novels by a male author, so combining the two elements made want to read book and watch the movie over and over again.

Now, some weekly stills

AOI dancing 1



  • my dancing queen {Emily G, yes the crayon on the fridge is easy to clean off because it’s washable crayons. Very ingenious invention}
  • AOI has a secret…
  • she found her blue wallet, hurray!

The Beetle Shack

Question: Is there any song that takes you back in time, into your teenage years?

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  1. Oh so cute that she found her wallet :-).

    You lead such a busy life! Wow!!! I would constantly be TIRED!

  2. I'm glad your daughter enjoyed swimming once she got in the pool :) I hope you have blast in Montreal, and I hope AMi has some free time to hang out with you guys in between conference meetings!

  3. Beautiful, i especially love the first and third, they have an air of mystery about them.


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