31 Oct 2013

Wednesday On Writing: Quick Edition

WUWAutumnYesterday was overly tired.

For this reason I didn’t write my usual update on writing. However, I had a meeting with the writer in residence. She is an editor and talking to her gave me another insight into my novel. I’m telling you, until this novel is in print and I don’t have any more power over it, it will never feel like ready.

I’m going to go through another edit with her. I’ll also work on my synopsis and then send it out before the end of November. In fact I want to set a date {deadline sending out some query letters is 18th November}. I will try to get all the rest I need and work hard on my writing at the same time.

In the end we decided that the day-care I was hoping to use wasn’t right for us. The lady has already three children under the age of three . We have to find someone else.

In the meantime I will work at my craft during AOI’s nap time.

29 Oct 2013

Europe 2013 – Sorrento Tour

This is another photo load post. This part of my 2013 European holiday.

I returned from Vicenza with my sister in law for a short break before she flew to Ghana.

My sister-in-law joined us for few days in Sorrento. When we arrived AMI went back to Napoli for a conference. AOI cried so much because she had to wait few seconds with her grandparents while I was getting into the train station. From that moment on until the end of the holiday she didn’t want to either AMI or I to be out from her sight.

Anyway, having my sister in law with us was great. She is such a laugh and we talked for hours. We were happy just chilling in the apartment. You see, I am the kind of girl who is happy to be in a room with good music and company. We were both happy slouching in the apartment watching Italian music clips. However, my in-laws who are real tourists wanted us to be out and about when the sun set. So, the second day she was with us we went for a tour of Sorrento.

Sorrento Tour 2

Sorrento Tour 3

Sorrento Tour 4

Sorrento Tour 5

Sorrento Tour 6

Sorrento Tour 8

Sorrento Tour 9

Sorrento Tour 10

Sorrento Tour 11

Sorrento Tour 13

Sorrento Tour 12

After the tour we went to eat in a very nice restaurant.P6204725

28 Oct 2013

Week 43: One Day Trip

AOIMonday we went to talk to the lady who runs the day care I was considering for AOI. I like the place, it's neat and the woman is nice but can discipline the kids as well. 

When we got home we had a snack, spoke to my mother-in-law and nephew in England. My nephew is just twelve but he looks like a teenager. AOI had a reasonable two hours nap. I took time to chill and catch up with some TV shows. The rest of the day was spent playing with toys at home.

saskatchewan sunset

Tuesday, we went to French playgroup. On our way home AOI fell asleep. Good nap, time to do the dishes and to tidy up. When she woke up she had a bowl of noodles, played a little and when daddy got home, by three fifteen we were on the road to Medicine Hut, Alberta.


Wednesday we stayed in the hotel the whole time. Hubby had a talk at a small conference hosted in the hotel. First, we had breakfast together, during which I nearly burnt the restaurant because I decided to toast a croissant. I was so embarrassed.

After breakfast AOI spent some time watching Blue's Clues on Netflix while I enjoy some time on twitter and reading some blogs. After that we went to the swimming pool in the hotel. by the time we left to go for a shower hubby was back from the conference. It was half past twelve. We got ready to check out from the hotel, then decided to go to downtown for a tour but AOI fell asleep because it was her nap time. We decided drive on and stopped at a drive-thru for taco lunch.

Hubby wanted to got to one of his field site, a place where one of students will take samples of snow this winter to analyse to determine where the water goes when the snow melts.

Having one day off from our everyday life was much appreciated because I switched my mind off from all the things that are pressing on my shoulders, like the guilt I feel for considering a child care couple of days a week for AOI, finding an agent for my novel, finding freelance writing gigs (getting good ideas to pitch), cleaning the house and prepare everything for baby #2.

Thursday we went to playgroup as usual. As soon as we walked into the room AOI recognised her best friend’s pair of shoes. This year the age group is so appropriate. There are 3 babies born in 2013, 6 children born in 2011 and 3 children born in 2009. That balances out because in some ways the toddlers ones are running the group.

Friday we all got ready for a new adventure. Throughout the weekend we told AOI that she is going to the day-care whilst mummy and daddy went to work on Friday. We arrived at the child care and the lady told us that it wasn't the day she wanted AOI to start. We were disappointed because AOI was so excited to play with the other kids and toys. We had to return home with the promise that she will start next week.


Saturday we went to the story in the library as a family because I didn't have to tutor Italian this weekend. We started having doubts about taking AOI to the day-care we were considering because she is look after more than six children on a full time basis with age under a school age.

In the evening we went to a party hosted by the Zambian community to celebrate their 49th independence celebration. My friend invited us last minute but we were sold when she said "Please come if u can... There will be lots to eat so just come...", well I don't have to be begged twice for food.

Sunday we went to church. AOI is getting excited about going to Sunday school. After children time she ran the church aisle towards daddy scream to go to Sunday school. So daddy took her this time. After service i went to pick her up and to my surprise she was happy playing with the toys and didn't even saw me there. Daddy was waiting outside the room. I was so proud of her. Our girl is growing so fast.

The church organised a photo-shoot for the native presentation which will be showed in church during Christmas time. AOI was an angel, a grumpy angel because she was tired and the weather was cold. AOI angel

Wishing everyone a wonderful week 44

26 Oct 2013

Una Donna Cosi’ by Gianluca Grignani

Hello weekend, so I thought about sharing one of my favourite Italian tunes. One of my teenage years.

Gianluca grignani - il giorno perfetto - front

Una donna così by Gianluca Grignani on Grooveshark

Gianluca Grignani's first album came out in 1995, he was just 23 years. It was the summer I met my sister after nearly ten years living in two different continents. She came with her R&B inspired Canadian flair, while I looked out of place in my mid 90s Italian Kurt Cobain inspired fashion.

Few days after her arrival we started to click because though her dressing style was so different from mine, we both share a passion for music. And to my biggest surprise she fell in love with Gianluca Grignani, one of the popular young Italian singer of the time. Grignani came to popular attention with his husky voice during Sarenmo Music festival. 

The moment my sister bought his number one CD we had it on repeat every afternoon of summer 1995. My favourite tune is Falco A Meta’ but I was desperately in love with a guy and my romantic self wished my secret love wrote it for me. 

Thinking about it, the character of my novel was inspired by this song. I dedicate this song to all the girls and women that are so beautiful but don’t even know it and they spend precious time despairing to achieve an ideal beauty that the mainstream deem true.

You can listen to the whole album here, in the meantime what do you think of this song?


Una Donna Cosi`

Senza tutto quel trucco
che ti sporca la faccia
che ti fa un po' distratta
ti preferisco sai
e con quel vestito
mi fai impazzire
e non venirmi vicino
se no mi giro di scatto
quasi fossi un bambino
con la paura che
tu possa leggermi in faccia
innamorato di te.

E poi sei bella,
Dio se sei bella
sei tanto bella che neanche tu lo sai
una donna senza inibizioni
senza fili di padroni
gli occhi un poco lucidi sei bella

persa dietro a quegli occhiali
grandi e grossi come due fanali
gli occhi sempre lucidi sei bella

perchè una donna
una donna una donna così
forse ingenua ma bella
mi piace la voglio la voglio così
perchè sei bella sei bella
si sei bella così
una donna e che donna
la voglio così

guarda come cammini
senti quello che dici
sembri proprio un attrice
e tu nemmeno lo sai
che sei protagonista
di tutti i gesti tuoi

io che non so mai che fare
io che non so cosa dire
io che non sono un attore
ma che ci provo semmai
di stare nel tuo film
io non mi stancherei mai

E poi sei bella,
Dio se sei bella
sei tanto bella che neanche tu lo sai
una donna senza inibizioni
senza fili di padroni
gli occhi un poco lucidi sei bella

persa dietro a quegli occhiali
grandi e grossi come due fanali
gli occhi sempre lucidi sei bella

perchè una donna
una donna una donna così
forse ingenua ma bella
mi piace la voglio la voglio così
perchè sei bella sei bella
si tu sei bella così
una donna e che donna
ti voglio così.


A woman like this

Without all that makeup
that is dirtying your face
that makes you a little distracted
I prefer you this way,you know
And with that dress
You make me go insane
and don't come close to me
else I'll turn away in a hurry
like I am a child
fearing that
you can read on my face
that I'm in love with you.

And you are beautiful
God,if you are beautiful
You're so beautiful that you don't even know
A woman without inhibitions
without attachements
the eyes a little clear,you're beautiful

lost behind those glasses
big and thick as two headlights
the eyes always clear, you're beautiful

because a woman
a woman, a woman like this
maybe simple but beautiful
I like her,I want her, I want her like this
because you're beautiful,you're beautiful
yes, you are so beautiful
a woman, and what a woman
I want her like this.

Look how you walk
Hear what you say
You're like an actress
and you don't even know
that you're the star
of all your gestures.

Me, that I never know what to do
Me, that I never know what to say,
Me, not being an actor.
but if I'll ever try
to be in your movie
I'll never get tired of it.

And you are beautiful
God,if you are beautiful
You're so beautiful that you don't even know
A woman without inhibitions
without attachements
the eyes a little clear,you're beautiful

lost behind those glasses
big and thick as two headlights
the eyes always clear, you're beautiful

because a woman
a woman, a woman like this
maybe simple but beautiful
I like her,I want her, I want her like this
because you're beautiful,you're beautiful
yes, you are so beautiful
a woman, and what a woman
I want you like this

Read more at http://lyricstranslate.com/en/una-donna-cosi-woman.html#JKrzJvweFzlC3E3p.99

25 Oct 2013

Pregnancy #2: Love and Some Verses

NOTE: I will reveal the gender of baby #2 so stay tuned :)

note to belly

I think this poetic song needs so reading into but I really love it.
Love and Some Verses by Iron & Wine on Grooveshark

Dear Mango,

I can’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about you so much. Since we found out about your gender we’ve been thinking about names. We thought it was going to be easy to agree on a name, but it’s difficult to agree on one name. I hope we will.

Life is busy as usual. We, I mean your sister, you and me, are always driving up and down the streets of the city going to one place or the other. You move a lot. I feel like you are my little drummer, drumming against the walls of my belly. You tickle me and I’m away aware of your presence. You shift my belly every second. week 24

Week 24 we were in Montreal, daddy had a conference to attend and we tagged along. It’s fun to travel like that. I’m looking forward to travel with you and your sister. I couldn’t take a better picture than the one below. I started to feel a little pain on the left side of the belly and I hope it’s nothing.

Also this week your translucent skin is starting to look more opaque and your lungs have developed. Week 25

Week 25 during this week your nervous system is developing and you are enjoying your new sense of equilibrium, you know which way is up and which is down. You are also growing more hair. I like playing tapping on the belly. Your sister talks to you a lot so I wonder if her voice will be the first one that you will recognise when you are here. week 26

Week 26, can’t believe we are already in the third trimester. I wonder where the months flew to. Well, I am getting more excited to meet you as the week passes. This week your eyelashes have grown in, and you’re getting your immune system ready for the outside world by getting antibodies from me. Also your lungs are producing surfactant, the fatty substance that coats the inside lining of the lungs’ tiny air sac, helping them to expand during breathing. And your skin has developed its colour, I wonder if you are going to be a little version of your sister, but I have to wait less than 90 days to find out.

This week we went to the midwife and we talked about your birth. When it was time to hear your heartbeat your sister was so happy to help. Unlike the very first time when she freaked out that somebody else was looking at mummy’s belly, this time she more than welcome to have the midwife hear your heartbeat, because she also knows that it’s the moment she can here her little sibling :).

Our love for you is everlasting.




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  Life of TOI

24 Oct 2013

Wednesday On Writing: What’s Up


Apart from reading children books to my daughter, I haven’t opened the books I mentioned last week that I’m reading. Also, I’m reading a book on baby names. Hubby and I are finding it very hard to agree on a name for our second baby.foto (3)


I finished writing a long draft of the synopsis of my novel. I wrote it in Italian because it kept coming to me in my first language. Now I'm few days before i rewrite it and then i will send it to the writer in residence, then i will see what to do next


Reading the journey of other writers. I don’t feel so alone in my endeavour to get my work out in the world.


I found a day care which I hope AOI will enjoy going to. Tuesday we drove to Medicine Hut, Alberta, because hubby was invited to talk at a conference. AOI and I relaxed and I took my mind off many things. I was on twitter the whole time, apart from the moments we were doing some activities.


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21 Oct 2013

Week 42: Style… Dreams

rocking horse
Dreams by The Cranberries on Grooveshark

Maybe, I’m getting old or do you become nostalgic when you hear some songs too? Maybe I should start writing short stories inspired by all the music that take me back in time.

I heard Dreams by The Cranberries on Saturday, while we were chilling out in the living room after a busy day. It took me back to when my sister, who lived in Canada at the time, would record a tape cassette with what she’s been up to during the month and send it to me. Was just my family who recorded cassettes to send to family members abroad or did anyone else did that?

What can I say that is difference from last week?

Well, this week we had more sleep. I decided that my curfew should be half past ten and that worked. However, the more hours I slept the more I wanted to sleep. Pregnancy body, what can I say.

Also, I believe I’m losing my memory’s capacity because I can’t recall what we did on Monday. My mind is blank, completely. I don’t know where to turn to get a glimpse of what we did on that day. I guess we didn’t do nothing important, but I resolve to start recording short anecdotes of our daily activities on my iPhone.

Tuesday we went to the French playgroup. On our way back home AOI fell asleep, when we got home I woke her up because I wasn’t attentive while getting her jacket off. She didn’t have a nap anymore. We spent the rest of the afternoon as a grumpy toddler and a tired mummy because AOI wanted to be picked up every time I had to do something in the kitchen.

Later on in the afternoon she came to colour in my studio too.

Wednesday was windy but I still took AOI to the other French bilingual group because going out of the house is good for us. After that we went to a consignment shop and I bought a rocking horse which I hope will be a family heirloom.

We were supposed to go to the swimming pool with C and her mom, but we cancelled because C had an infection in her mouth. Poor little girl, she couldn’t eat due to that.

I phoned a potential day care for AOI, I’m freaking out about the idea of taking her to a day care couple days a week but I also think it will be go for both of us to have a break from each some days during the week. I’ve said this before, but I hope going to a day care will make her understand that she can be with other children without me be around and that I will go and pick her to have more fun together when we get home.

Thursday we didn’t go to our local playgroup because AOI had a very chest cough during the night, also her nose was blocked and runny. I didn’t want her to get more ill. We stayed in and read books and play with the toys. Mid-morning we went to the doctor to make sure AOI didn’t have anything serious. After that went to see the midwife.

Friday we went winter clothes shopping at Winners. I mainly bought things for baby #2 and a puzzle set for AOI. I’m getting excited about putting things together read for baby Mango. In just three baby will be in my our arms.

Saturday morning AMI took AOI to story time at the library and I went to tutor a lady who wants to practice her Italian. It was so nice talking in Italian with somebody. We have another tutoring schedule for next week. When I got home I boiled tortellini for lunch. AMI and AOI got home soon after me. We need milk so went to Walmart, on the way AOI fell asleep so once there I went into the story by myself and apart from the milk I purchased few items for AOI’s winter wardrobe.

I also re-arrange the living to look a little bit cosy for the autumn.

Sunday for church I dressed AOI in her new pink Ralph Lauren outfit. Her father decided to wear something pink too and him encouraged me to find something pink to wear. In the end we all looked like candies, but at church a lady complimented our outfits saying “You all look like straight from a catwalk.” That was too kind of her.

autumn style 1

autumn style 5



never let your husband help you pose your child for a photo!

Last week I decided to wear some heels I purchased while in Italy during our 2012 European holidays. I don’t know why but I’ve never worn them and wearing them made me feel stylish. They are handmade in Italy and they are most comfortable heels I’ve worn in years.

autumn fashion shoes

Talking about style, this week for It’s Fall link up we have to share our autumn style inspiration. I believe my favourite autumn item are these boots. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         When I wear them I know autumn is in full “bloom”, so this week I took some portraits in my current favourite autumn fashion pieces

autumn style 3

autumn style 4

and for cutie AOI, depending how could is outsidemini stylish

all photos edited with Photoshop Element 10 and Color Pop through LiveWriter

iPhone Photo Dump

iPhone Photo Week 42

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18 Oct 2013

Portrait of My Child #11

Week 38at the art gallery
at the art gallery
autumn rain
Week 40AOI in montreal 3
a day in Montreal
autumn crunchy leaves

My favourite from last week is by Little Red Vikings, I love the focal point and the negative space she achieves in the portrait

Pregnancy #2: Week 21-23, First Glimpse

NOTE: I took on board all your requests about revealing the baby’s gender. I want to do things differently this time so I’m looking for a creative way to reveal it, so stay tuned

You are My Sunshine by O Brother Where Art Thou on Grooveshark
one of the songs your sister likes to sing to you and her toys {just the chorus}
week 21 noteDearest Mango,

Time is flying by so fast. We are more than half way there and you are moving like a rollercoaster. You are my little drummer. You drum against the belly walls so much. I love that orchestra of strong butterflies. I feel like you are always awake. Just few occasions you seem to be quiet. I love you so much and having you in my womb is a blessing.

I’ve been daydreaming about you a  lot. I wonder if you are going be a copy of your sister, who is a mini version of me in many ways. But sometimes I see daddy’s features and behaviour in her and that’s a quite funny vision. I wonder if you will look a lot like daddy in both character and features.mango ultrasound

19-09, before I fell asleep I looked at your picture in my womb. Something tells me you are going to look a lot like daddy. Your little nose, your little mouth… but then again that’s how I thought about your sister and she turn to look lot like me. And I am happy for that because she is such a beauty and I know you are going to be another beauty in your own right.

Life is busy as always, your sister, you and me are always driving up and down the streets of the city to go to one activity or the other.week 21 size

Week 21 you’ve broken the one pound mark. You are making sense of the world through your sense of touch. You don’t have much to hold on to therefore you are playing with the umbilical cord. You perceive light and dark better than before. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are well formed, and more hair is covering your cute head.

week 22

Week 22 you are the size of a papaya, sometimes I wonder if these fruit sizes are accurate. Your skin still have to develop fully, but there is nothing to worry about because by the time you are here you will be healthy and full. I read that stretch marks might bloom at this point… well, I have some stretch marks leftover from the first pregnancy but I haven’t seen any new ones. During the pregnancy with your sister the stretch marks hit my skin in full force towards the end of the pregnancy. I hope this time won’t happen. Also, this week AOI and I went to see the midwife.

week 23 size

Week 23 you are the size of a grapefruit, really from papaya to grapefruit doesn’t quite make sense to me, but hey you are growing that’s the most important thing. Your hearing is established and your lungs are getting ready for breathing. I hope you can hear all the sweet things your sister say to you. I really hope that bonding last forever.

Until next. All my love,



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  Life of TOI

16 Oct 2013

Wednesday On Writing: Mingling With Other Writers

So, I’ve been reading some writers’ blog but I haven’t been interacting too much with them because I was still shy. But starting from today, I want to make new writer friends, for this reason I am taking part in What’s Up Wednesday meme hosted by Jaime and Erin. I think is fun and a great way to meet other wonderful writers.

    The Raw, Bold Truth: The Memoirs of Johnny B. I recently finished reading this book but I’m re-reading some part over again, beautiful it’s such a powerful memoir.
  • Aleph (Paulo Coelho) I started this book back in August but life was hectic so I had to stop reading but I am going to start reading again

I am re-writing the synopsis of my novel. I’ve lost count about how many time I’ve written it. I’m going mad about it, but I want the perfect version to send out to potential agents. Every time I think I’ve done a good job at it, turns out it’s not good enough. Hopefully, hopefully the more I re-write the better I’ll get at writing it.


Crunchy Autumn leavesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

Apart from driving to the weekly playgroups we attend, I’ve been busy looking for a day care for AOI. I really wants her to get used to the idea that she can be away from me some hours. Also, during the hours she is away I can write, clean and rest before baby #2 is here. I don’t know other parts of Canada or the USA, but finding a day care here in Saskatchewan seems mission impossible {at least my in my city}.



What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop with other folks on this writing journey. With that aim in mind, if you want to join us, we encourage you to visit a few other WUW blogs each week, get to know some other writers, and spread some writerly love! Don't forget to leave the link to your post in the widget at the end of this post.

14 Oct 2013

Week 41: Life… U Know What’s Up

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The title of this entry was inspired by It’s Fall link up and Donell Jones’ song

U Know What's Up by Donell Jones on Grooveshark

Who remembers that song? I think it was #1 in November ‘99. It reminds me of my very first trip to the USA. It was around this time of the year. Autumn or fall.

Late nineties was the period of my low, low rise jeans, so low I couldn’t even sit without a sweater around my waist. But I believe it was fashionable to show off your thongs underpants. Anyone remember the Thong Song?

Anyways, I was listening to Donell’s song on songza and I felt like I was back in the past.

Autumn is my favourite season. Autumn, when the crunchy leaves fall, rolling down the deserted streets whilst children dance in them. Pure romanticism. Around this time of year life gets busy or was it just this week in my house?

No, life was busy as usual but added to that we were sleep deprived. AOI didn’t want to sleep throughout the night in her crib. She woke up around 3am crying for me and even when daddy was the first to hear her she would cry for me and wanted to come in our bed to cuddle me and fall back to sleep again. She would sleep straight away or sometimes she would ask me for the most random things. One night she asked for a book. I grabbed a book from my bedside table to give her but she kept on saying

“Not that book. I want that book.” Pointing at the ceiling.

Truth to be told, it was frustrating. I wanted her to be happy but I also wanted to sleep so much. I told her if she didn’t stop crying I was going to take her back to her crib. I feel so bad admitting this but sometimes it’s just too hard to be patient as a mother.

Another night she asked for her hairband. I found one to give to her. She played with it next to me as I tried to fall back to sleep. At one point the hairband fell off the bed and she started to protest. I couldn’t resist telling her the same thing as when she wanted the imaginary book. She decided to cuddle to me and fall asleep. She woke up around six thirty and seven. It felt like time never passed. I wanted to sleep more. Hubby woke up and took her downstairs. When she spoke, she was till my happy little girl telling me “Mummy, I’m going downstairs with daddy.” Guilt enveloped me but I really needed to have few seconds for my mind and body to get enough fresh blood circulating through.

Everyday Life

Monday we didn’t go anyway. I had to catch up on something I don’t even remember anymore. AOI and I went for a walk and I decided to start looking for home day-care. I went to see one close by our house but she asked me to return the following day.

Tuesday Before heading to the French playgroup, which AOI lovingly calls Bonjour! we went to talk to the lady who has the day-care close to our house. She was lovely and the children looked alright but I didn’t feel attracted to it. Maybe I just couldn’t bring myself to settle for the first one. We went to the French playgroup and after that I drove around asking if there are space in other day-cares. I looked for both home and institutional day-cares, but non of them have space for a part-timer.

I really want two days a week for AOI to be able to get used to the idea that she can be away from mummy for some hours and I will always go back to pick her. Though I manage to get some writing done during AOI’s nap times, if she goes to a day-care I will have more time to fully dedicate to my writing.

In the evening I went to my French class and the teacher complimented me. I was so embarrassed and became so self-conscious about my pronunciation.

Wednesday We went to the library for another Bilingual French playgroup. During nap time C’s mom phoned and we had a motherhood talk. She pointed out that maybe AOI is teething with her molars. My shoulders relaxed. It felt liberating to voice out my frustration to another mother, and she told me it felt good to know that some changes that the changes in her daughter’s routine are not foreign to me.

I believe talking to other mothers about some issues that we may be experiencing lights up the journey of motherhood. After we whispered our goodbyes, to not wake up the girls, I saw a change in me. I was smiley, stressed and more accommodating.

After AOI’s nap and snack, we headed to the playground. We we enjoyed the autumn leaves. I love the crunchiness and AOI seems to like it too. She danced, kicked, pick and threw some leaves about.




Thursday We went to our local playgroup. After the playgroup C’s mom took some pictures of our girls. In the afternoon, after AOI and I both have rested, we danced to some Hip Hop music.

Friday Friday AOI and I went to R’s house for a playdate. We went to the playground. In the afternoon C’s mom suggested we go to the swimming pool but the girls naptime run into the public swimming pool hours. Now we are looking into some other hours.

In the evening, after dinner, AOI, daddy and I sat on the living room floor to have a cup of tea and biscuit whilst listening to jazz music, Miles Davis. I loved that family time together. I really hope we do that more often. I want to have some kind of tradition with my growing family.

Saturday morning we took AOI to the story time at the library. After that we took her home to have lunch and then nap. After nap we went to a small museum at the university. After that she rode her bicycle along the river trail.

bycicle ride

bycicle ride on trail

Sunday It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so we all got together with some friends for a potluck. I’m getting the idea of what this autumn festivity means. Until we moved from England to Saskatchewan I didn’t know what Thanksgiving was. AOI and went to church alone because daddy was baking the sweet potatoes we were taking for the potluck at our friends’ house.

I give thanks for everything God’s sends our way, for the friends that we are making along the journey, for my family and for His mighty love.

Life lesson note to self, go to bed at a reasonable time after your child falls asleep, especially if you are pregnant.autumn afternoon

iPhone Photo Dump

iPhone Week 41 Photo Dump

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