8 Oct 2013

Europe 2013 – Sorrento Apartment

Sorrento is about fifty minutes slow train journey from Napoli. After our Napoli Tour we had lunch then took the train to Sorrento where our real Italian holidays began. My father in law booked an apartment for us to share. I was worried that he might book something not to my taste but to my immense surprise I found myself in this lovely apartment: Sorrento Apartments. We had a cleaner come in every single day to clean the apartment and change the many towels.

sorrento 1

Sorrent Collage

sorrento 5

sorrento 6

sorrento 7

I slept there the first night, 16th June. The following day I had to go to Vicenza for some documents. That was the last time AOI. I left her with AMI and her grandparents. I missed her so much because it was the first time, since she was born, that I was leaving her overnight. I thought the sudden break from breastfeeding was going to be hard on her but it wasn’t. She never asked me to breastfeed her again when I returned from Vicenza.

AOI afternoon nap


  1. What a gorgeous apartment!

  2. It's so cute!! I'd have loved staying there too.

  3. Adorable. Love the pictures as I always do!
    So that was it? The last time you BF Aoi? At what age?
    My Sky is 11 mos and i'm beginning to feel like a human pacifier.
    My son didn't nurse as much or as long, my plan is to BF the first year.
    and that year is approaching, should I start to wean? Or just wait until she is ready?
    I can't imaging having a 5 year old wanting to nurse.


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