4 Oct 2013

Pregnancy #2: A Letter and 15-17 Weeks Update

Today I found a letter I wrote on May 28th 2013 to my sweet baby Mango.

I Feel Good by Mary J. Blige on Grooveshark

AOI big sisterDear Baby {I didn’t have a nickname for you yet},

I hope you are well inside the womb. Outside is good. Life is busy but enjoyable. Maybe you hear lots of kisses on the belly, that’s AOI your lovely big sister. who loves to give kisses to the belly. I can’t wait until she will really understand that there is a baby inside. She will be so happy because she loves babies.

I can’t wait to find out on 5th June that you are really there – I know you are inside. In fact sometimes I want to eat so much that there is no doubt.

Right now AOI is sleeping in her stroller while I write from a bench in one of my favourite parks in our city over looking the main Theatre.

Today is such a lovely sunny day. Fresh wind, deep blue sky with limpid white clouds. Daddy is at a conference in city.

I am happy you decided right now because I am ready to be a mother of two. When I watch your sister helping I realised that she getting so wise and helpful. I can imagine her and you being the best of friends.

According to my calculations you are between 5 and 6 weeks  and you are the size of a sweet pea. You are so tiny but very strong. I hope I am giving you enough vitamins and nutrients for the well being of your development.



Pregnancy 15-17weeks

Between week 14 and 17 I was getting back into a routine after a very long holidays in Europe. I didn’t have much appetite but baby was doing well. I felt the first baby kicks about week 15. They were so different from the first pregnancy, more urgent to be felt. I loved them. Those are the moments I feel so privilege to be a woman to share the mystery of being pregnant. A human growing within is such a blessing. I started to feel good again and I decided to stop thinking about all the negativity I brought back from Europe. I felt great.


Now unto another exciting link up.

My friend Erica, @To The Sea, and I have noticed a lot of others mamas posting updates lately, so we wanted to create a way for pregnant mamas (and new mamas) to link up their weekly pregnancy or baby updates. That way we might be able to find new blogs to follow that we can all relate to. So feel free to add your update below! Grab a button to spread the word.

  Life of TOI

There is something wrong with my link page so stop at Erica’s blog to add your update


  1. This is so sweet <3 AOI will be so excited when her brother/sister is here. I know they'll have their childhood/teenage squabbles but they'll adore eachother.

  2. so precious! AOI will be such a fabulous big sister!

  3. Beautiful letter. I am sure he or she will treasure it some day.

  4. Aww.. Glad that AOI is bonding with her little brother/sister already.

  5. He sorry your li k up thing wasn't working... I'll try to figur it out!

  6. Soon as I get my latest bump post together, I will be linking up! :)

  7. Okay, where have I been?! I stopped getting your feed. I must check on that. Anyways, a very belated congratulations on #2!

  8. You write so well TOI. I enjoy reading these baby letters. So beautiful. AOI is going to be such a great big sister

  9. So cute.

  10. So glad you guys are hosting this! I'm a little late to join, but linking up nonetheless! What a sweet letter! Preg hugs from across the ocean!

  11. such an awesome way to document...love those precious moments between the three of you!!


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