25 Oct 2013

Pregnancy #2: Love and Some Verses

NOTE: I will reveal the gender of baby #2 so stay tuned :)

note to belly

I think this poetic song needs so reading into but I really love it.
Love and Some Verses by Iron & Wine on Grooveshark

Dear Mango,

I can’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about you so much. Since we found out about your gender we’ve been thinking about names. We thought it was going to be easy to agree on a name, but it’s difficult to agree on one name. I hope we will.

Life is busy as usual. We, I mean your sister, you and me, are always driving up and down the streets of the city going to one place or the other. You move a lot. I feel like you are my little drummer, drumming against the walls of my belly. You tickle me and I’m away aware of your presence. You shift my belly every second. week 24

Week 24 we were in Montreal, daddy had a conference to attend and we tagged along. It’s fun to travel like that. I’m looking forward to travel with you and your sister. I couldn’t take a better picture than the one below. I started to feel a little pain on the left side of the belly and I hope it’s nothing.

Also this week your translucent skin is starting to look more opaque and your lungs have developed. Week 25

Week 25 during this week your nervous system is developing and you are enjoying your new sense of equilibrium, you know which way is up and which is down. You are also growing more hair. I like playing tapping on the belly. Your sister talks to you a lot so I wonder if her voice will be the first one that you will recognise when you are here. week 26

Week 26, can’t believe we are already in the third trimester. I wonder where the months flew to. Well, I am getting more excited to meet you as the week passes. This week your eyelashes have grown in, and you’re getting your immune system ready for the outside world by getting antibodies from me. Also your lungs are producing surfactant, the fatty substance that coats the inside lining of the lungs’ tiny air sac, helping them to expand during breathing. And your skin has developed its colour, I wonder if you are going to be a little version of your sister, but I have to wait less than 90 days to find out.

This week we went to the midwife and we talked about your birth. When it was time to hear your heartbeat your sister was so happy to help. Unlike the very first time when she freaked out that somebody else was looking at mummy’s belly, this time she more than welcome to have the midwife hear your heartbeat, because she also knows that it’s the moment she can here her little sibling :).

Our love for you is everlasting.




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  1. I clearly haven't been around here enough! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Yay for baby number two!!!!

  2. Such great weekly pictures! I love your outfits.

  3. You look amazing! My little one loves to help during the midwife visits too! She takes such pride in pushing the button on the doppler to hear the heartbeat! So excited to find out what you are having!

  4. Yay for the third trimester! I felt like with my first the third flew by - well, until those last couple of weeks where everything drags :) Good luck with choosing names, I think it's a lot harder second time around.

    1. I thought second time around was going to be easy but no, we are still here undecided after 27 weeks. Hubby suggested a name that I like but now he says he doesn't want that name any more because it's too pretentious... men!

  5. You look great, I love that AOI is loving the baby already.

    1. I really love to see that bonding between AOI and belly :)

  6. Congratualtions lady, I didn't know about the second angel you're going to have. I'm sure AOI is so happy for her sibling (if she knows) :)

    1. AOI knows, she is obsessed about the belly and already sharing some of her toys with the baby :)

  7. I can't wait to find out the gender of baby #2!!!

  8. I so need to catch up!!!
    I can't believe time is going by so quickly. Love that AOI is warming up to the baby. I'm anxious for the reveal as well. ^^
    How exciting!

  9. That first picture of you and AOI is amazing! Definitely frame worthy. I remember the sleepless nights I used to have during my pregnancies. They made the perfect moments to sit and talk to my belly and bonding with my babies when they were in the womb.


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