11 Oct 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 18-20

Week 20 noteDear Mango,

I really love this nickname. So sweet. We had so much mango this summer, in fact we still have mango cubes in the fridge just in case we want a yummy mango smoothie. During the hot days I prepared mango lolly pops.

Anyways, by week 18 I got myself into a reasonable routine and I was feeling more alive than ever. I announced to the ‘world’ that I am expecting you. I felt so beautiful in this outfit because I started to make the effort to dress like a woman.mummy and sister

and your sister always funny, she is going to make you laugh so much 

You started to move more and more each day. And we are doing so many things. We went to the lake, river, Waskasiu and La Ronge, here we saw the Northen Lights. It was AMAZING.

Being in my belly didn’t slow us down during these weeks. AOI and I we doing so much. We started playgroup, I went to help set up the toys and helped at the registration day. My energy level was high.Pregnancy 18-20weeks

In photo 19, I told AOI that you are the size of a mango but she wasn’t convinced.

Week 20 we had the first ultrasound. The day before we went to see you I was overwhelmed. I was looking so forward to seeing the first glimpse of you. Your movements reassured everything was fine but going to see you was a family appointment.

The ultrasound was on September 6th at 12:30, AOI fell asleep but woke up just in time to see you. As soon as she woke up she asked “What’s the baby doing?”

“Baby is relaxing.” during the previous midwife appointments she didn’t want the midwife to touch mummy’s belly, so we were worried she was going to freak out seeing you on the monitor. Instead, she calmly rested her head on daddy’s chest and looked at the monitor and said “Baby relaxing.”

Then the nurse revealed your gender.

Now, to reveal or not to reveal the gender? That’s the dilemma, he he!

Question: Would you like me to reveal the gender baby #2 or do you want to wait until the baby is born?


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  1. I totally want to know. LOL

    I am so excited for your whole family, and AOI is just too cute. They will have so much fun together.

  2. Omg! Please tell us! I completely want to know! :)

    I love her excitement and I'm excited that you're feeling great!

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. I definitely want to know!

    And those pictures are priceless!

  4. That's pretty much the cutest photo I have ever seen...look at her smile!!!

  5. PS do you want to button swap mon amie?

  6. Congratulations to you! Beautiful little girl and pictures. Can't wait to find out what you are having.

  7. So tempting! I for one definitely want to know!

  8. awww...these are beyond adorable! i love all the love that she has for her baby sibling already!! this makes me smile!

  9. Reveal! Reveal! You look beautiful and your daughter is adorable!!!

  10. You guys are too cute. I love how AOI is a part of all your bump updates!

  11. Toi...don't toy with me..lol
    I so wanna know what our next little jpy will be!!
    So happ for your extending family..and I know the little one will fall in love with the new baby once he/ she arrives. If she's in love with the belly that much she wont want anyone to touch the baby.

  12. 100% want to know... and love the belly hugging pics - so precious!

  13. These photos make ms SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! Thanks for sharing your joy with all the world x

  14. so adorable! I want to know! tell us!


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