9 Oct 2013

Wednesday On Writing: Emerging Professional Literary Artist

typewriterBefore I found this little blog place as my peaceful online nest, I had multiple blogs (which I still have but don't remember the passwords). On one I shared some of my poems and thoughts about anything that passed by my mind. I didn’t have the wonderful community I have here {thanks to each one of you that make my space special}.

On this little blog of mine I tend to stray away from my writing journey because I don't know how many of my loyal readers are interested in it. Also, I am worried to scare you away with too much writing talk.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot and I concluded that being a writer (even though I don't get paid) is part of who I am and this blog is an extension of my life so I guess I shouldn't worry to share my journey as a writer.

You see, I still ponder on the question: what classifies someone as a professional writer? We all write but some write as their profession {writing to get the bills paid and not loving what they write} and some others write because they have a passion for the craft {sometimes not getting paid}. Some manage to combine the two – getting paid to write what they love.

I’ve always had a passion for writing. In an ideal world I would love to combine the two, that has always been my dream. Sometimes I feel as if it’s so far reach. But still I wonder when I should I call myself a professional writer and not feel as an intruder. Do I call myself a professional writer once my name is on the back of a book cover or am I still a professional writer even when my name is not on a book cover but I had few things published. Again, do I become a writer when I am signed by an agent and/or a publisher.

Those are few of the questions I ponder on often. For so time now I just call myself an emerging writer because that's what I am. I was even more convinced of defining myself as an emerging professional writer after I attended a writing grant workshop couple of weeks ago.

On the form they describe emerging professional literary artists as those who have completed basic training in their craft through formal and informal writing programs, mentorships, dramaturgy, workshops, or sustained involvement in other developmental activities related to their practice. They also state that an emerging professional literary artists are recognised by their peers as having achieved the level of emerging professional writer, playwright, storyteller or spoken word performer.

Also emerging professional literary artists are those who have produced a body of work that demonstrate their emerging professional status and commitment to their artistic practice and have published one book with professional literary publishing house or two separate publications in recognised literary journals or periodicals…

Considering all the above I deem it right to agree that yes…  I am an emerging professional literary artist. I am part of a writer’s group which is registered in the Canadian legal writers council. I am registered in one of the Canadian leading writer’s guild, I’ve completed many workshops, mentorship with our local writer in residence and I’ve completed my first young adult novel which I am in the process of looking into take it to the next level. I have poetry and articles published in some journals and online magazines. But most importantly I write and read on a daily basis to improve my writing craft.

Maybe, just maybe, though I haven’t published the novel yet, I can start really making everyone around me know that truly I am an emerging professional writer and hopefully sharing my journey encourage someone else to pursue their dream whatever that may be.

Questions: What do you do right now and what is your dream career path? If you are a writer, when did you begin to consider yourself a writer?


  1. I find you being a writer fascinating, so you talk about it all you want! I'm always interested in what peoples passions are. People are passionate about writing, art, photography, computers, electronics, etc etc. I guess my passion is people. I find people and what they like and don't like fascinating/interesting.

    I'm personally not a writer (well besides my blog, and everyday email type use). I don't know how to piece creative stories in my mind and put them down on paper, nor do I understand proper grammar and punctuation (never been my strong suit). However, I LOVE to read. So when you do publish your novel or any literary piece of work you're passionate about, I hope you let me/us know so I can read it.

  2. Based on that definition I'm not an emerging professional writer. At all!! I am working on a novel and I blog so I like to think of myself as a writer but I'd never consider myself a professional writer unless I got paid for it and/or got a book published-I'm not even sure if self publishing counts. Maybe it does but only if X number of people buy it? It's all so subjective. I have a friend who just won this super amazing writing grant. She's working on a novel too. Compared to her I am no where on that path but everyone takes their own route.

  3. I definitely don't consider myself a writer .. but I can appreciate your words here ... and I personally think that if you're making the conscious effort to be a writer, then you're a writer! Just like if you run outside each day training for a marathon that you know you aren't going to win, then that makes you a runner! Believe you can, and you're halfway there :) xo


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