31 Oct 2013

Wednesday On Writing: Quick Edition

WUWAutumnYesterday was overly tired.

For this reason I didn’t write my usual update on writing. However, I had a meeting with the writer in residence. She is an editor and talking to her gave me another insight into my novel. I’m telling you, until this novel is in print and I don’t have any more power over it, it will never feel like ready.

I’m going to go through another edit with her. I’ll also work on my synopsis and then send it out before the end of November. In fact I want to set a date {deadline sending out some query letters is 18th November}. I will try to get all the rest I need and work hard on my writing at the same time.

In the end we decided that the day-care I was hoping to use wasn’t right for us. The lady has already three children under the age of three . We have to find someone else.

In the meantime I will work at my craft during AOI’s nap time.

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