7 Oct 2013

Week 40: Montreal, oh my goodness

montreal 1So last week from Sunday evening until Thursday we were in Montreal, one of the popular French cities of Quebec, Canada. It was such a pleasure to visit the place. Hubby had a conference and as usual AOI and I tagged along. We get to have a holiday for the price of one person. He can claim some expenses. The apartment we rented was free for me because he would have paid the same price to stay there. We rented an apartment, in the Latina district, because staying at a hotel was more expensive. We just have to pay my flight and meals while there.

It was the last free flight for AOI because from November she will not be entitled to free flights anymore.

As soon as we arrived in our apartment AOI made friends with a Buddha statue.AOI in montreal 6

  • Monday morning we were still in the Saskatchewan time zone so AOI and I had a long lie-in while daddy left early for the conference. Late morning AOI and I went to the swimming pool. After a shower and lunch we went to Le Baie {The Bay} to browse.

montreal le baieThough we have The Bay in our city it doesn’t feel as nice as the Bay in Montreal. The Montreal Le Baie reminded me of Selfridges in London. AOI tried few items on and she looks so cute in a Ralph Lauren outfit, but they didn’t have her size. We didn’t buy anything on that day. I wanted AOI to have a nap but she was so excited she didn’t want to nap. We went back to our mini studio apartment to watch TV. AOI heard of the word TV for the first time during this Montreal trip.

While AOI watched cartoons, I sent out tons of query letters to literary agents who are willing to have me on board. It’s a learning process which I have to go through as a emerging writer.montreal 2

AOI in montreal

  • Tuesday we went to the Grande Biblioteque. I thought there was a children program happening but I confused the days. We had to just read few books and watch a muted Caillou video. AOI wrote a note to attached to a big heart. And she listened to few interviews of French Canadian kids.

On our way to the apartment AOI fell asleep and she managed to sleep for two long hours. After her nap and lunch we met with daddy to go to the Biodome. I forgot my camera at home so I snapped some pictures with my iPhone. This is a wonderful place to get a close contact with the four Ecosystems of the Americas. We arrived at the nature park, one hour before it closed.

AOI LOVED it so much. She was in awe. She kept saying “Oh, my goodness!”

As soon as we entered the humid Tropical Rainforest, she kept exclaiming “Oh, my goodness!” We surprised to hear her say that but I guess either me or hubby say it so she got it from us. It was so cute to hear her little toddler voice say that. Other visitors started to enjoy her enthusiasm. We saw lynx and rich underwater fauna inhabiting the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The voyage concludes with the penguins and auks in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. There was a lovely penguin that replied to AOI’s greetings. It was just the most adorable scene.

After the tour AOI and I went to the apartment to have dinner while AMI went to a dinner with some of his work colleagues. breakfast in motreal

  • Wednesday AOI and I had breakfast with AMI before he went to his last meeting. After breakfast AOI and went shopping. I bought some maternity clothing and a different Ralf Lauren outfit for AOI.

AMI finished work a little bit early so he could spend time together with us. He took AOI to the swimming pool and I joined them as a spectator and photographer. I love to see them spend some quality time together as father and daughter. My heart swell of love for both of them.

AOI and daddy swim
  • Thursday we had our flight in the evening so we spend the rest of the day visiting more parts of Montreal. We went to China Town, Saint Laurent district and McGill University {the English university, it’s one of the oldest universities in Canada and it has so much character}.

In many ways Montreal reminded me of San Francisco {due to the steep streets} and a city in Europe {it felt crowded}. However, it was nice to be in a city full of character {I mean the building and the people}. One thing I didn’t like too much was how hard it was for a parent with a stroller or a person in a wheelchair to get to some shops or restaurants. I didn’t see many buildings with easy access for strollers or wheelchairs.

But all in all we enjoyed it.

  • Friday AOI and I took it easy. We stayed home and in the late afternoon went food shopping with hubby.


  • Saturday went to work in the morning and I took AOI to story time at the library. She was so happy to go and see “her crocodile” toy. She is learning that that not everything is hers. That’s such a hard time for a toddler but I believe it’s the right time because soon she will have to share mummy and daddy with her sibling.

In the afternoon there was a discussion about publishing a novel at a different library so AMI got home in time for me to go to the discussion.

In the evening we joined RN and his parents for a fund raising walk for Blood Cancer. We were so happy to be able to contribute in some ways to the fight against leukaemia.

  • Sunday we went to church briefly and then we joined RN and parents and another couple friends to have buffet brunch in one of the top hotels in the city. In the afternoon we went to visit another young family and we talked about nannies. I am thinking about having a nanny or taking AOI to a daycare two days a week {just three hours at a time}, because I have to dedicate time to my writing and time to energise my thoughts.

I home I will find someone caring to look after her for me.

Some stills from Montreal

montreal 3

AOI in montreal 2

AOI in montreal 5

  • art in the mall
  • pigeon hunt
  • first tree climb


  1. AOI is quite the adventurer! I love her beautiful curls in the second picture and her hanging out in the tree in the last pic!

  2. i absolutely love Montreal! such a great city.

    beautiful pictures! i love that AOI was so excited and kept saying, oh my goodness! that is so cute!

    sounds like it was a great trip!

  3. What an awesome trip! I love being able to get a two for one deal. AOI is just so cute! She is getting taller! I love the pic with her on the tree. Such an adventurous beautiful girl.

  4. Looks like you guys had such a blast - beautiful pictures too!

  5. looks like a great time..i love montreal...and was that Cora's....my fav. breakfast place! and look at AOI's curls...i want them!!

  6. I want to go to Montreal SO bad. This place looks beautiful and the Biodome sounds amazing! I love all the photographs you shared. Glad you two had such a fun week together!

  7. sounds like a fabulous little getaway! AOI is so precious!

  8. Looks like such a fun trip. AOI is such an active child, I love it. I always mourn the day that they don't get free flights anymore, I mean it's expensive to fly a child fun places.

    I love Montreal, it definitely has that European feel to it. Glad you were able to make the trip with your hubby without breaking the bank.


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