28 Oct 2013

Week 43: One Day Trip

AOIMonday we went to talk to the lady who runs the day care I was considering for AOI. I like the place, it's neat and the woman is nice but can discipline the kids as well. 

When we got home we had a snack, spoke to my mother-in-law and nephew in England. My nephew is just twelve but he looks like a teenager. AOI had a reasonable two hours nap. I took time to chill and catch up with some TV shows. The rest of the day was spent playing with toys at home.

saskatchewan sunset

Tuesday, we went to French playgroup. On our way home AOI fell asleep. Good nap, time to do the dishes and to tidy up. When she woke up she had a bowl of noodles, played a little and when daddy got home, by three fifteen we were on the road to Medicine Hut, Alberta.


Wednesday we stayed in the hotel the whole time. Hubby had a talk at a small conference hosted in the hotel. First, we had breakfast together, during which I nearly burnt the restaurant because I decided to toast a croissant. I was so embarrassed.

After breakfast AOI spent some time watching Blue's Clues on Netflix while I enjoy some time on twitter and reading some blogs. After that we went to the swimming pool in the hotel. by the time we left to go for a shower hubby was back from the conference. It was half past twelve. We got ready to check out from the hotel, then decided to go to downtown for a tour but AOI fell asleep because it was her nap time. We decided drive on and stopped at a drive-thru for taco lunch.

Hubby wanted to got to one of his field site, a place where one of students will take samples of snow this winter to analyse to determine where the water goes when the snow melts.

Having one day off from our everyday life was much appreciated because I switched my mind off from all the things that are pressing on my shoulders, like the guilt I feel for considering a child care couple of days a week for AOI, finding an agent for my novel, finding freelance writing gigs (getting good ideas to pitch), cleaning the house and prepare everything for baby #2.

Thursday we went to playgroup as usual. As soon as we walked into the room AOI recognised her best friend’s pair of shoes. This year the age group is so appropriate. There are 3 babies born in 2013, 6 children born in 2011 and 3 children born in 2009. That balances out because in some ways the toddlers ones are running the group.

Friday we all got ready for a new adventure. Throughout the weekend we told AOI that she is going to the day-care whilst mummy and daddy went to work on Friday. We arrived at the child care and the lady told us that it wasn't the day she wanted AOI to start. We were disappointed because AOI was so excited to play with the other kids and toys. We had to return home with the promise that she will start next week.


Saturday we went to the story in the library as a family because I didn't have to tutor Italian this weekend. We started having doubts about taking AOI to the day-care we were considering because she is look after more than six children on a full time basis with age under a school age.

In the evening we went to a party hosted by the Zambian community to celebrate their 49th independence celebration. My friend invited us last minute but we were sold when she said "Please come if u can... There will be lots to eat so just come...", well I don't have to be begged twice for food.

Sunday we went to church. AOI is getting excited about going to Sunday school. After children time she ran the church aisle towards daddy scream to go to Sunday school. So daddy took her this time. After service i went to pick her up and to my surprise she was happy playing with the toys and didn't even saw me there. Daddy was waiting outside the room. I was so proud of her. Our girl is growing so fast.

The church organised a photo-shoot for the native presentation which will be showed in church during Christmas time. AOI was an angel, a grumpy angel because she was tired and the weather was cold. AOI angel

Wishing everyone a wonderful week 44


  1. Love your pics especially the ones of AOI. She looks very cute wrapped up against the cold and in her angel outfit. Hope you are all keeping well :-)

  2. What a fun week! I can understand how AOI feels. My baby girl does the same thing when she us tired. :-)

  3. I really like your recaps. Don't feel guilty for utilizing childcare. Think of it as time for you to do what you need to do and to get charged up so you can be your best for her when she's with you.

  4. She is such a beauty! I think I checked into about 5 daycares, before I picked one. Intuition/Jesus is your biggest decision maker. I disqualified 2 daycares, because I didn't like the voice/tone of the person who answered the phone, a couple were way too expensive and another I just got a bad vibe. I love where he is, and he does too. <3

  5. Your little angle loos adorable!
    How great is it that you can travel together with your husband when he needs to be away from work. I'm sure it's not easy to be on the road so much though!


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