20 Nov 2013

How To Save Money This Christmas

In few weeks many of us will start Christmas gift shopping and I glad to have this guest post sharing how we can save money this Christmas.
It’s not easy in the run up to Christmas, no matter how much spare money you have to squander. The planning and preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly is enough to drive some people crazy, while financial issues will just add to the strain. Despite the economy being the way it is, the media continues to turn Christmas into a gift-giving frenzy, which, depending on budgets and disposable income, is just not feasible for some people to achieve. Why do we feel like we have to keep up with the Joneses anyway? Christmas can be special, no matter how much we spend – here are some fab ways in which you can save money during this festive season.
Use Clubcard Vouchers
If you shop at Tesco, and have been collecting Clubcard vouchers throughout the year, now would be the time to use them. Check online to see if you have any unclaimed ones and use them towards your shopping – not just the food shopping, but any gifts that you need to buy too. It’s surprising what the supermarkets can provide by way of clothing, gift ideas and toys; plus, keep an eye out for any double points or use the current Clubcard Boost for some outstanding deals on some top gift ideas. boost-stamp1.36_thumb8
Make Things
Why spend a fortune on gifts for family and friends when they’d be over the moon to receive something handmade? Spare an afternoon or two and get a little crafty with the kids as you create some personalised treats for your loved ones. Whether it’s little gingerbread men or homemade Fimo clay baubles and jewellery, the possibilities are endless if you dip into your creative flair.
Buy a Family Present
This would be particularly handy if you have a lot of children to buy for. While you could keep an eye out for fabulous offers on toys, such as the 3 for 2 deals that can be found in Argos on top brand toys such as the Fisher-price Say Please Tea Set, you could also choose to buy one big family present rather than spending a fortune on all the children – perhaps a new games console or a couple of fun family board games?
Second Hand Bargains
You don’t have to buy brand new if you don’t want to. Children grow out of things so quickly that at children’s sales at this time of year, you can find some barely played with toys for next to nothing.
Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune – be a little sensible and stay organised and you (and your purse) will be laughing your way to the New Year.

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