26 Nov 2013

Letters To AOI #7: Two

AOI loves books

 Constellations by Darwin Deez on Grooveshark

Amore mio,

I smile as I write this letter to you. I can’t believe I’m a mother of such a sweet lovely two-year-old girl, but I’m. You are two years and nine days, and your smell reminds me of honey coated popcorn and vintage perfume {open one of my old Vanity Fair magazines and smell the sample perfume on a page and you will understand what I mean}.

Though the years are slipping by and a part of me long to see your personality bloom into a little girl, you’re timeless to me. You are still my baby, I would love bottle up your babyhood and stored but I can’t. For this reason I try to document our everyday life. I love photography and words and through both medium I capture our everyday life together for when my memory begins to fade, I would like to remember the little moments that we share very day together.

I want to keep you close to my heart as much as possible but as I get closer to having your brother in couple of months my energy level is dropping and I find it difficult to lift you, but I still hold you tight in my arms whenever I can. I give you soft kisses on your soft toddler cheeks. I’m scared that one day I will blink and you will be too old to want me to hold you tight in my arms. I love the way you snuggle me back, you old my neck tight and rest your cheek on my cheek. You melt my heart.

AOI reading 1

Nowadays, is you and I most hours of the day and most days of the week. However, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday I leave you for some hours. Mondays I tutor Italian to a seven year old boy, Tuesdays {until 26th November 2013} I go to evening classes for French, Thursdays I have my writer’s group and Saturday mornings I tutor Italian to another woman.

Every time I leave the house for those hours guilt wash over me. I want to be with you 24/7 but I have to go because it’s good for both of us to take a break from each other. In fact you don’t mind me going out. You simply blow me a kiss and say “See you later.” I come to you more than once to give you a goodbye kiss and hug.

When I come back, sometimes, you are already in dreamland. Last Saturday morning, after my Italian tutorial, we went to the swimming pool with C and her mom. When we walked into the swimming pool you girls were so happy to see each other. You give each a kiss and carry on with whatever you are doing.

C is shorter than you and so I notice more than ever how you are getting so tall for your age. You are so athletic and natural yogist, sometimes you do a yoga pose and I wonder where you learnt that particular yoga pose.

AOI yoga pose

One thing you’ve been saying lately is “I’m a toddler.” We told you that some weeks ago since then you tell us when you want to make sure we know who you are; even when we say your surname you say “No, I’m AOI toddler.” it’s so cute to hear you say that.

You are such a polite little girl. Whenever I do something for you you say “Thank you very much, mama.” That’s makes me so proud. However, sometimes when you want something urgently you forget your politeness but when I remind you to be polite you say “Mama, Papa/Dada or Daddy can I please have acqua?” of course that makes me over the moon happy.

Music is part of you. You love the guitar and piano. Daddy makes you listen to some quirky indie music. I love to play vintage music {70s, 80s and 90s}. One morning daddy or dada or papa’, the many nouns you use to call your father, played Constellations by Darwin Deez and since then you request it any time you remember this funky version of twinkle little star. I think you are going to have a very dandy and diverse music taste, because that’s how we love our music in this household.

Your vocabulary is impressive. You can compose sentences, you love to read books and you have such a wonderful memory because sometimes you repeat phrases from your stories by heart. You carry a book with you and read in your toddler ways, I love to see you read. I hope you keep this passion for life. You can sing, and you’ve been doing that since eighteen or so months old.

Also you love languages, you understand Italian and you’ve started combining Italian words together with English, for instance you can say “Prendi tu shoes. {You take shoes}” or “Andiamo upstairs {let’s go upstairs}” or “Cavallo wants to eat something {Horse wants to eat something}. I can see that if I keep talking to you in Italian, you will be very good. Also you’ve started practicing how to say how are you and I’m fine in French. I’m so proud of you.

AOI reading

You’re fun to be around and you like to see smile on people’s faces. I can see you doing stand up comedy to bright up people’s lives. Your laugh is contagious and I love to laugh with you.

You like to be neat and every time we are at the table I have to use half of the tissue box to clean every little bite or liquid that falls out from your plate. Sometimes you freak out because a drop of latte {milk} has fallen out from your porridge bowl. Talking about porridge, you love it. You spontaneously say “I love porridge.” I love porridge too and it’s nice to share a bowl in the morning with you. Normally daddy prepares it and we enjoy our warm porridge while he eats cherrios or something cold. 

Lately you don’t mind me or daddy coming to pick you from your crib. Few weeks ago you had a funny way to show your appreciation. Every morning, the first name that you called was the parent who puts you to bed the night before and if the right one doesn’t come to pick you freak out. But now, I can pick you up and if you want daddy I take you in our bedroom and you can cuddle to him. And viceversa. We love having your morning cuddles. I love it when you ask to cuddle belly and you ask belly what he is doing.

Each time you give tender kisses to your brother in my belly, I feel so bless to have you as the big sister to this little sweet child. You have such a big heart and I know he’s going to be showered by your love every day. I’m so happy to be carrying your best friend in my womb.

Thank you for being you, I love you more than I can share through a few words,

Always my deepest love,



  1. You are the sweetest mama! Love the pictures (of course), I love how you write these things for her. I wish I had began writing stuff down when Dom was a baby but at that time, I didn't know "mom blogs" were a thing, nor did it occur to me to do so. I love when they wake up and want to cuddle too. I know I'll be sad when he's too old for such things too.

    She will be a wonderful big sister. I'm sure she'll want to help you take care of baby in every way possible (minus stinky diapers). and your little guy will get to be the little brother that terrorizes her when all her friends are over when they are both older ;) It'll be cuteness overload.

  2. What a beautiful letter. AOI is just too cute! Love the way you did her hair.


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