15 Nov 2013

Pregnancy #2: 29-30 Weeks Update

Sweet little Mango,

Two weeks ago I dreamt of you. In the dream you were freshly born and I was wearing the same outfit I wore the day after I had your sister. A mini jeans dress. You had lot of curls, cherry lips like your sister’s and lovely olive skin.

I fell in love with you instantly, your sister and your daddy too.

Now, I can’t wait to see your face, hold you in my arms and smell your sweet baby smell. In about two months and some days I will have the privilege to kiss your soft cheeks. Your sister keeps telling you how much she loves you. She shares her teddies with and want to play with you.

Every morning when we wake up your sister wants to be picked up from her cot by daddy and once they come in our bedroom she kisses the belly to say good morning. I love those moments. I really can’t wait to see you and hug you in about two months.

The other day daddy felt your movements for the first time. I was hugging him and you moved so strong he felt you. he said “Oh, baby. You’ve been trying to catch my attention for so long now you got it.” Now he can’t stop coming over to the belly to say hello.

All my love,


week 29

week 30How Far Along: 29-30 Weeks

Size of Baby: acorn squash and an cucumber

Total Weight Gain: I don't know, will find out next week at my midwife appointment

Stretch Marks: Yep, from last pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes: Just a few pieces, I’m still wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, like all the ones above

Gender: Boy

Movement: I believe that as well as feeling the baby movements I’m getting Braxton Hicks

Sleep: Starting to sleep through the night again

What I miss: working out, having a toddler is more difficult to workouts (or am I just finding excuses)

Food Cravings: No particular cravings

Food Aversions: None

Symptoms: More tired as the weeks get closer to 40

What I'm Looking Forward To: buying things for the nursery


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Life of TOI


  1. you are looking wonderful momma! I'm sure working out is difficult with a little helper all the time!

  2. Awww! you are looking beautiful. You belly is so round and perfect!

  3. My husband was fascinated with feeling our kids move when they were in the womb. Glad all is still going well with your pregnancy!

  4. I am so excited to see him! The little one is going to maul him with hugs and kisses- it'll be adorable.

  5. Toi!!! A boy, wow I'm incredibly happy for you!

  6. Oh my, how beautiful are your words and your baby belly. To say nothing of that gorgeous daughter of yours. Wishing you an easy labor and a healthy, beautiful baby. With love, Tia

  7. Awww, a Boy!! so happy for you and the family. Your glowing there with your adorable belly bump wishing I was still prego too, My Sky is reaching her year mark this month and it seem like yesterday I was just bringing her home. Good luck and stay prosperous as you are.

  8. awwww...so exciting! i am sure you can't wait to meet him. you look amazing in grey!

  9. that's so sweet AOI kisses your belly every morning to say hello to the baby :) you look great & 2 months isn't that long to wait! home-stretch!

  10. You are so beautiful!

    Love this post. Your babies are so blessed to have you as their mom.

  11. I can't take the cuteness!!! AOI is too sweet for words.


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