22 Nov 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 31–8 +/-Weeks to go

Dear Mango boy,

Yesterday we had our midwife appointment. Everything is on the right track, you are the right size. Your sister loves to helps when we have to hear your heartbeat. Yesterday while the midwife was cleaning the belly she asked for a tissue to clean the belly too. The midwife said you are in the right range. We talked about the birth and we have to start thinking about what and how we want some things arranged on the day.

I’m sleeping well again, that means I sleep through the night without the need to visit the bathroom.

However, part of this week I felt drained. Completely out of shape. Mentally I couldn’t form right sentences, okay I’m exaggerating here but you get the picture. I wanted to do so much but my body was limiting me. I didn’t feel comfortable sitting down. I couldn’t stand up for too long because then I felt tired. I really wanted to shout at my body for how it was taking the power out of my hands.

Last night you might have felt me laughing hysterically. Between heartburn and wanting to throw up due to the heartburn I was laughing so much due to a scene on Le Iene, an Italian satirical news show. There is a new dance called tweak {or something like that} and one of the presenters has made a joke out of it. He goes around celebrities and dances to them. I couldn’t stop laughing for how silly funny he was.

You were moving and nudging me as if you wanted to be out from the belly.

As much as you are not finding enough space in my belly to move, I want you to be out so I can hold you in my arms. You have to wait about 8 weeks, if you come out around the same time as your sister did two years ago.

week 31

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Size of Baby: Pineapple

Total Weight Gain: 0lbs, this is so strange to me. Yesterday I had to weigh myself about five times because I can’t believe I haven’t gained weight during this pregnancy. I guess my body is using up all the weight I gained after baby #1.

Stretch Marks: Yep, from last pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes: Just a few pieces, I’m still wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, like the jeans and top in the photo above. 

Gender: Boy

Movement: I believe that as well as feeling the baby movements I’m getting Braxton Hicks

Sleep: Sleeping through the night again

What I miss: working out, having a toddler is more difficult to workouts (or am I just finding excuses)

Food Cravings: No particular cravings

Food Aversions: None

Symptoms: Still tired and since Wednesday I’m having heartburns. It’s awful

What I'm Looking Forward To: organising the nursery but I wonder if I’ll do anything before the baby is due, time is going so fast.

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