7 Nov 2013

The Gender Game

I’m excited.

I can’t even tell you how much. Tomorrow I’ll reveal baby Mango’s gender. Waiting for that I thought we could play a little game.

I found a gender prediction quiz on babymed and I thought it would be fun to provide the questions and some information related to both of my pregnancies. I hope based on the information you’re interested to guess the gender of baby #2. And tomorrow you will find out if you guessed right.

comparing week 27

1. How pointy is my bump?

MYTH: carrying high means it’s a GIRL and carrying low means it’s a BOY

TOI: What do you think based on the picture above?

2. How did you skin change?

MYTH: BOYs make the mother look better, GIRLs make the mother look worse

In both pregnancies my skin looked/look better.

3. Did you have nausea?

MYTH: GIRLs give more nausea, BOYs give less nausea.

TOI: In both pregnancies I didn’t/don’t have much nausea.

4. Do you have any cravings?

MYTH: craving sweet means it’s a GIRL and craving salt or sour means it’s a BOY

TOI: In both pregnancies I didn’t/don’t have any particular cravings

5. Did your legs get very hairy during this pregnancy?

MYTH: growing less hair on legs could mean it’s a GIRL and growing more hair on legs could it’s a BOY

TOI: I don’t have much hair on my legs, similar situation during the first pregnancy

6. Does your husband have more brothers or sisters?

FACT: Girl come from his X-chromosomes and boys from his Y-chromosome sperm.

TOI: My husband has two sisters

comparing week 20

7. What is the shape of your pregnant abdomen?

MYTH: if the weight is more on the front means it’s BOY and if the weight is on hips and below means it’s a GIRL

TOI: What do you think based on the picture above ?

8. Did your face change a lot during this pregnancy?

MYTH: If your face is full means it’s a GIRL, if it’s square means it’s a BOY

TOI: I don’t know think my face has changed much

9. My chest during pregnancy:

MYTH: BOYs make the chest grow bigger. So a chest that's not been growing sounds more like it's a GIRL.

TOI: I don’t think my chest has grown much. I’m wearing the same bra size after I had baby #1

10. My nose has been increasing in size:

MYTH: BOYs have been associated with an increased nose size, so no increased nose size sounds more like a GIRL.

TOI: My nose is the same size as I have always known it

I did the quiz from babymed


  1. I can't wait to find out what you're having!!! Eeeeek!

  2. This is so exciting. Looking forward to the big reveal. You look great!

  3. I was sick the ENTIRE time I was pregnant with Dominic. So that myth can't be true ;) I was extremely hairy however.

  4. These always confuse me because so many people are different.
    For me, it sounds like I'll be more likely to have a boy with those myths.

  5. i wonder if the shape of the bump or the way we carry babies actually really matter in the gender!


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