27 Nov 2013

Wednesday On Writing: My Writing in This Province

fieldAs an emerging author, I always battle with my good instincts. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, that I turn into an insignificant seed in the deep blue ocean.

Back in 2006 I decided that I really wanted to take my writing journey seriously. I enrolled in an evening Creative Writing course. I loved it but I always felt like my writing was not as powerful as some of the writers in the course. For this reason that summer I hid my young adult story in a drawer to focus on my everyday work.

However, I kept writing poetry when the inspiration found its way into my heart. I never put into practice what great writers advice: write everyday even when you don't have anything to say. Writing was really not my number one priority.

Also, sometimes I don't consider myself a real writer because I haven't seen my name on a printed book. As much as that thought is predominant in my mind I always forget my achievements as a writer. I've had articles published in online magazines and have some of my poems published in my university Creative writing anthologies.
The year I started to believe, a little bit, in my abilities as a writer was 2008. That was the year one of my poems won a prize at my university creative writing competition.

That year I decided to follow my good instincts and sign up for the Creative Writing Competition. Inside I thought I wasn’t good enough so I didn’t tell anyone of my plan. The night before the deadline I selected three of my favourite poems – one of which was new and written thinking polemically about prince Harry. I dropped them at the tutor's office and just forgot about them.

The previous month I sent in a poem dedicated to my great-grandmother and I got a reply saying my poem has been selected and included in an anthology. I was happy about this, and even though up to date I have not seen this anthology, knowing that someone appreciated my work boosted my confidence and made me believe in my creativity. Now I am glad I listened to my instincts both times.

But, the place that changed my perspective on my writing career forever is Saskatchewan. Until I moved here I've never heard of this Canadian province, a hidden gem of great writers. My father in law knew about the place because he had read Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

Coming here felt like a new chapter for my personal growth. I could choose any career I wanted to pursue and my journey as a writer was surely going to be it. Jokingly I said this place might be the place I need to let free the spirit of the writer within me.

From the moment we moved to this province, I decided to be the published author I've always wanted to become. I attended as many free workshops hosted by the library as I could.

The first workshop I attended was by the writer in residence at the time. During the workshop she commented that she likes my character of my first young adult novel. She also suggested some websites that could help me write the story I wanted to tell. That boosted my confidence. From that day on I researched and wrote even when I wasn't inspired.

The following year thanks to another writer in residence I completed the final draft of my novel. I was one proud woman. Last year I worked with another writer in residence and my novel went through final edited version I wanted it to be. He also helped me find a professional editor to work on my manuscript.

I don't know if self doubt with ever leave my mind but one thing I am sure of, since moving to Saskatchewan and finding a supportive writer's group, my writing is getting to the level I've always dreamt it to be at. Also, I believe that everyone has a story to tell which can inspire others.

I can sincerely say Saskatchewan is proving to be my writing saviour.

WUW Winter Holly 1

Now unto What’s Up Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jaime and Erin. I think is fun and a great way to meet other wonderful writers on this writing journey.


Today I took two young adult novels from the library Envy by Elizabeth Miles and Pivot Point by Kasie West. I can’t wait to start reading one tonight. I hope I get hook.


Still revising my novel. I want to start re-working on my synopsis again but I want to give time to time.


I’m so inspired the Christmas feel in the air and I want do some craft. On my agenda is to do an advent calendar.


Last week was very important to us because my daughter celebrated her second birthday. We feel so blessed. Apart from that nothing much is happening over this end.


That’s me for this Wednesday, what’s up with you?


  1. What an amazing writing journey! You are really doing everything you can to get where you want with writing and that is commendable. It will pay off.

  2. Nice to meet you. I've also got a great writing group here, two provinces over. It makes a big difference, doesn't it?


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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