18 Nov 2013

Week 46: Baby Brain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         a toddler enjoying a cup of hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow

We often went for small strolls around the block.

I was happy when I organised AOI’s toys. I want us to start my ideal Christmas tradition from this year. Our church is going to collect toy for those less fortunate and I want AOI to give away some of her toys.

I never believed when people say that they have baby brain. I don’t think I experienced that during my first pregnancy.

On Wednesday I realised baby brain does exist.

My nesting mood kicked in. I’m kinda desperately looking for a toddler bed for AOI. Wednesday evening I declared to my husband "I'm going shopping tomorrow!" The following afternoon when I got there I bought gifts for AOI’s birthday and nothing for the nursery/toddler bedroom.

Also, I’ve been looking for a set of keys I need for the indoor playgroup elevator when is time for the monthly toy wash – this year, I’m the toy wash coordinator – since October. Wednesday I found them them in the pocket of a jacket I haven’t worn since September. I felt so embarrassed when I had to phone back the president and tell her that after all the noise I made about not having the keys, I found them in my jacket.

I phoned her and she was glad I found them.

Thursday after our indoor playgroup I went to the French school to ask for information on registering AOI at their daycare/preschool.

As most of you know I'm learning French but I'm not fluent, I can understand about 40% and speak 25% of French. I'm fascinated by the language and living in Canada I feel it's the best second language for my children to learn, because as much as I would love them to speak Italian, they will be more exposed to French language than Italian.

So I went to the reception of the preschool and the lady I know kindly took me to the school reception where I had to sign a form which is requested if the applicant is not a French native. The receptionist started talking to me and my 25% of comprehension was working fine until she asked me about my residence status. I did understand the question but I got stuck when I had to respond that I have a working visa. In panic, I switched back to English.

“You want your child to go to a French school but you don’t want to speak to me in French ”

I felt so bad when I heard the receptionist say that. I wanted to speak to her in French so much. I wanted to be fluent and tell her that I would love my daughter to learn French because it will be good for her in the future. I was embarrassed but I’m not going to give up that easy. The easiest thing to do in cases like this is to give up, because really there is no need for her to learn a different language but I believe it will be beneficial for us as a family if we learn a different. I love languages and the more I know the happier I’m.

One of my goals for 2014 is to be able to speak French without switch back and forth in English.

Friday we went to visit the orthopaedic department in our city. Everything they offer is free. So we can ask them to design a gadget that can help AOI balance her hands on the bicycle and support herself when ice skating this winter. 

Saturday after my Italian tutorial I took AOI to the swimming pool where we met with C and her mother. Having our girls close in age is awesome. We can relate in so many levels. The girls we happy to see each other.

In the meantime AMI designed and built a shelf for the xbox and wifi console for the basement. He also finished painting AOI’s major birthday gift.

Sunday we went to church and after that we invited our friends D and S to come have a pizza with us in celebration of AOI’s birthday coming up on November 18th. In the afternoon, to help AOI sleep, we drove to ToysRus to buy her birthday gift and the we went to Indigo to take a gift her aunt M (from Scotland) bought online.

Before we went to bed I baked a cake for AOI. In the meantime AMI organised the basement and wrapped up all the birthday gifts for AOI.

Now some stills from our week 46morning hair

a toddler’s concentration while watching Dora the explorer


eating white pasta and green olives


making funny faces in the mirror after bathtime

Wishing you all a happy week 47


  1. She is such a cutie!

    I love that you're learning French! And I also love that you're not going to give up. You'll try again and you'll get AOI enrolled. I think it's fantastic that you want your children to learn languages :)

  2. What do you see in that cup darling one?! I love all these photographs of her. I know I say it all the time, but she is such a beauty!! AOI will be enrolled don't give up especially if it's something you really want for your little one.

  3. When I see pictures of you darling girl my heart skips beat.. And, yes, baby brain is a real thing. Take it from the mother of 10 kids!


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