25 Nov 2013

Week 47: Two Years

cakeThis week the most important thing was celebrating our daughter’s second birthday.

Monday morning she woke up in a good mood. She didn’t mind having both of us in her room. The first thing we did, after I lifted her from her crib, was singing happy birthday. She was so shy about the whole deal. She kept her head down and gave us a shy smile. We showered her with kisses and proclaiming our love to her.

Her daddy stayed home from work for his daughter’s special day.

After we changed her into a day outfit, we took her in the basement to show her surprise major gift, an island daddy built for her. On it we placed a train track and a farm. farm and train

She was over the moon to see that. We then skyped some family members to show them what AOI got for her birthday.

For breakfast daddy prepared a special English breakfast.

birthday breakfastAfter breakfast we spent the rest of the morning in the basement playing with the train track. She wore her dragon costume her auntie J and cousin K bought her. dragon on the island

After lunch we sung happy birthday and surprised her with a birthday cake I baked the night before. I blew the candles and we told her to make a wish. I’m sure she didn’t know what that meant but she looks as if she is making a wish. She was so happy, she had a few bites of the cake but was more into the raspberries. birthday cake

birthday cake 2

The rest of week was spent reminding ourselves how blessed we are to have such a darling girl in our lives. We love her so much is impossible to describe such love.

Tuesday was the usual French playgroup and AOI is getting some French words. She knows how to answer commet tu t’appelles? {What is your name? informal}

Thursday was so cold but we made our way to the playgroup just to find ourselves locked out because for some strange reason the lift was not working.

Friday we received a box full of toys from my mum to AOI. Since then she won’t stop playing her little piano toy. She knows her alphabet so she started playing the the letters on the keyboard.

Saturday was C’s second birthday party. We kept celebrating the wonders of life. Sunday we went to church and after that hubby cooked a delicious roast, I will share the receipt soon.

In the meantime have a wonderful week 48

AOI reading 1


  1. So sweet! I love how she is staring at her birthday cake. Happy birthday AOI!

  2. Such a lovely way to celebrate your daughter's 2nd birthday! That cake and those raspberries made my mouth water. Happy birthday AOI!

  3. awww...how is it possible that your baby is 2? That means mine will be two in just a few short days! Elyse would have been most excited about the raspberries as well...she LOVES berries of all kinds!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl! <3 I love the creative island your husband made for her. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Happy birthday! I don't even have words for how sweet this post was. Very sweet!

  6. Happy birthday miss AOI. What a great celebration for your little one.

  7. Oh how nice! Seems like yesterday you just had her and already she is turning 2! Congratulations!!! Happy Birthday to AOI! Wishing her MANY MANY more!


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