31 Dec 2013

2013 in Perspective


Christmas is behind us and now we have few minutes left before we greet 2014. I’m excited to say goodbye to 2013 but as always it’s time for me to reflect on how my 2013 turned out.

When a new year begins we are hopeful for great things to happen. Many things happen but if one or two things among the many wonderful events are not as we envisaged them our world collapses. We see all the bad things around us and we want to turn page fast.

This year taught that to be happy one have to make that happiness happen. If you depend too much on external factors your happiness can be easily destroyed.

I’m glad I made a vision board to map down the hopes, wishes and goals I wanted to work on from this year and beyond. Many came true and I’m happy for how things turned out in 2013.

this is the words and pictures I envisaged



this is how things turned out

vision board in review

simple joy

vision captured

I travelled to Europe {Napoli, Sorrento, Positano, Milano, London and Devon} and around Canada {Montreal, La Ronge, Waskasiu, Medicine Hut and Edmonton}

we found out I’m expecting baby number 2

AOI turned two

I finished writing my first novel, Wasting Away

I captured precious moments with my Olympus camera

I was happy and smiley most of the year

we bought a canon

AOI was into kids’ yoga and going to the swimming pool

I started potty training her

we played in the snow and I snow boarded for the first time just as the year was turning into 2013

I ate healthy food most days and walked to get back into shape

Through my blog I fundraised $250 {$100 for PlanCanada and $150 for Champs}

I wrote posts that I found hard to share but I acted on boldness and shared them

I was inspired by many women out there

I made the MOST of out 2013

On one of the walls in my studio I have my 2014 vision board {I’ll share later in the week}. I feel thrilled about what I envisage because I see a bright and a happy year.

2014 is my year and I can feel it in my bones.

Happy 2014 my lovelies!


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  1. Awesome !! You had an extraordinary year! I know there were tough times, (there's always tough times), but between growing baby 2 and traveling you are having wonderful experiences. I can't wait to see your vision board for 2014. I made one in 2013 and I can't even begin to tell you what happened to it between two moves, nor can I find the post where I shared it, lol! I guess I should have a resolution to be a tad more organized.

  2. I remember you posting about your vision board last year and I admired it so much. I am happy to see you create another board of how your 2013 turned out. I can't wait to see your 2014 board.

  3. 2013 sounded like a great year...but here's to 2014. Hope it is the bet yet!

  4. Happy 2014!! AOI is looking just as cute as ever :) It`s awesome she`s enjoying the kids yoga & swimming hopefully these things will become lifelong favourites of hers. I couldnt agree more that happiness comes from within, you have to figure out what`s important to you. `

    also, is your book a link? i couldn't seem to open it if it is!

  5. 2013 was certainly an amazing year for you. Wishing you an awesome 2014 filled with many more fun memories!

  6. I love this post! So awesome to see it laid out like this! You had a wonderful year!

    Cheers to 2014!

  7. So inspiring that your captured 2013 exactly as you wanted it!! Here's to reaching for our dreams always!!

  8. So glad you had a fantastic year! Sounds like you did so much and made the very most of it. How did you like Montreal? I live not far from there, in Ottawa :)


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