26 Dec 2013

Christmas Lights

christmas tree light

I never knew that Christmas lights were so important to me until we moved here. Since living here, each Christmas I crave for the European Christmas magic. Around this time of year some street decorations create magic in the air. It saddens me to know that I don’t have many pictures that remind me of the magic I’m talking about.

This year, until Christmas Eve, my city wasn’t making me feel the magical spirit of Christmas. I tried my best to overcome nostalgia for Christmas in London by listening famous Christmas songs but sometimes my husband, trying to be my Christmas Grinch, was more in the mood for 90s boy band music.

Just like every year I got annoyed when I saw that they were putting up the Christmas decoration on the street of my new city in Canada. I was annoyed because the decorations are unexciting and out-dated. Every year they put up the same decoration I’ve seen over the three Christmases we’ve been here.

This year, more than the previous year, I wanted to stroll along the busy commercial pavements of London. Around this time of year London bust out with a different life thanks to it wonderful Christmas light that stretch from Westminster bridge all the way to South Kensington. And this year I wanted to walk the pavements of that area showered by those magical lights that soften even the hardest heart during Christmas in London.

kings road





regent streetvia

As I mentioned above, I began to feel the magic of Christmas in my city on Christmas even. This was thanks to my church. My church managed to create a magical moment the night before Christmas and even my two-year-old recognised the beauty in that moment.

Towards the end of the service most of the lights in the church were turned off and we all lit a candle. Holding tight to the flame we sung Silent Night. My daughter’s sweet trembling toddler voice sung with passion. I realised that the magic of Christmas is always encapsulated in a light.

Light is what we all need to see the love in this world. The three kings had to follow a light to find baby Jesus and it was a light that showed the way to the shepherds to the manger.

I love how Saskatchewan snow creates a magical world during Christmas but I will also love to let my children experience the magic London Christmas lights can create in the air.


  1. The lights are really beautiful and nothing says it's Christmas like those pretty lights. Glad you found your Christmas magic! Hope you had a great holiday.

  2. I know, I know, I know, nothing really compares to the Christmas feeling that is created in european cities. I spent several Christmas seasons and one Christmas in Europe and was blown away at how beautiful everything was. The lights, the Christmas markets, even the window displays are just way better than what we do in Canada! I can totally understand your nostalgia. Though it looks like you're making the best of things!

    1. Awww, glad that someone can understand what I mean and coming from another Canadian makes me feel less mean to have voiced my nostalgia for European Christmas magic

  3. You better tell your husband next you to step up off the stereo. He can listen to 90s boybands all year round! ;)

    The little one looks so beautiful. I'm glad you had a lovely church service. London looks spectacular, I can definitely see where you would miss the lights. They do lights around here in different shopping districts, but nothing as spectacular as these pictures you posted.

  4. I know the feeling. Glad you were able to feel the spirit of Christmas though. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


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