10 Dec 2013

How To Do a Purposeful Advent Calendar

DIY advent calendar tutorialI’m late in sharing this DIY advent calendar but it’s never too late to share something you love.

This year AOI is aware of the festivities and I thought it’s the best year to start few traditions. And the best thought was starting with a homemade advent calendar. All the advent calendar that I found in the stores were just chocolate fill calendars. I decided to make an advent calendar myself because I wanted something that I could include Christmas and family related activities.

But what is really a purposeful advent calendar?

In my opinion purposeful advent calendar means writing out a list of Christmas related activities and put one in each box with a little toy, cookie or chocolate.

This year all the activities are simple, like “Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Give a hug”, “Have a merry Chocolate”, “Christmas tree decoration” “Homemade Pizza” or “Tell the story of Jesus”. I think that by doing so we can teach AOI that Christmas is about sharing and being together more than only gifts

Yesterday she opened the box and she give me one chocolate, one to her daddy and one for herself then she told me to read the note she found in the box.

I’m not very crafty so when I have to do something I find the quickest and easiest way to make them. Making these advent boxes took me about a day and half. I checked pinterest and this instruction was the easiest. You can even print her free printable templates, however I decided to traced my chosen Christmas paper.

MaterialsDIY supply

I bought the Christmas paper and stickers from Michaels for $15, I already had the rest of the materials

Tutorialadvent calendar 1

1. Using your ruler and pencil trace on a piece of paper the shape of your box.

2. Trace your scissors on the pencil traced piece of paper to make it easy to fold

3. Cut the traced paper

4. Fold the traced paper into a box, one by one glue in folded sides

5. Stick the calendar numbers or write them on the box. Simple as that, the box is done.

6. Fill your boxes with treats and your Christmas related activities.

advent calendar details

AOI’s eyes light up every time we bring the advent calendar for her to pick a number. Hubby is so please of this DIY project that he even suggested I keep it for next year. I have a grin on my face because one of our Christmas tradition is ticked off the list. I’m proud!


  1. I love this calendar and how everything is DIY. This year, Zee and I have done a chain to count down the days, and an advent wreath. I love how we can share the waiting period with our children so that they can understand what the season is all about.

  2. this is so awesome! so cute! I am using a nativity advent calendar this year, but I'm thinking of adding something like this next year...I'm sure AOI loves it!

  3. Amazing!! Looks professionally done. I love this tradition.

  4. This is a great idea!!! we've never done an advent calender- something to consider for next year.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. I just pinned it and plan on doing it next December!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! Absolutely adore your advent calendar!

  7. This is on my to do list for next December! Thanks for sharing!


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