17 Dec 2013

My Toddler Sings Away in a Manger

AOI angel reader

Sunday both hubby and I nearly started crying because our little girl sung Away in a Manger in the Sunday school Christmas pageant beautifully. She got the notice two weeks ago and since then we’ve been helping her practice. She sometimes corrected me. I tried to film a video but is not great so I did a little clip with some pictures I took and her singing during one of our practice session.

She makes our heart swell of pride so much.

AOI sings away in a manger from toi on Vimeo.


  1. awww this is so sweet <3 I agree with Erica, it's so adorable.

    1. PS. Dominic made me play it 4 times :)

  2. She has the voice of an angel. Such a precious video! Abby wanted me to play it over and over again :)


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