3 Dec 2013

Week 48: Advent Calendar

I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd of December.

Anyways, we concluded our week 48 in Edmonton, Alberta. The week of 48 was quiet and made of our usual everyday life routine.

Tuesday the French course wrapped up. I passed and can advance to the second level, but I’m going to wait to enrol because I’m going to have a baby during the period of second level course.

As I previously mentioned, this year I want to start a Christmas tradition and the first thing I wanted to do is to create an advent calendar we could keep for a long time. Last weekend we looked for something in shops but didn’t find anything so this week I make my own. The quality is not excellent but I’m proud of what came out from my labour.

advent calendar

advent calendar 2013

The second thing is that one of friend's daughter came to our house to babysit AOI. AOI clicked with her straight away. She came on Wednesday and Friday for 1.30 hours each time. The first time I organised upstairs while she supervised AOI play in the basement. I really enjoyed going into the basement to find out she has organised AOI's toys neatly. That really convinced me that I should have her coming twice a week.

Some evening, after dinner my husband plays together with AOI while I work on my writing but I've noticed that I was missing the quiet times, because he is so loud when he is playing together with AOI that I can't concentrate on my writing or I can't relax during my me time moments in my studio.

Having the nanny over feels good. She keeps AOI quiet and last Friday, I started working a little on my writing when she came. I'm slowly going to build up this new found free time and in time be more productive within the 1:30 hours she is looking after AOI. AOI

Saturday I went to tutor, then took AOI to the swimming pool with my friend and her daughter. in the afternoon, after AOI's nap we went to our church adventivity event. I invited my friend and her daughter. There were cookie baking, popcorn, hot apple cider, opportunities to make Christmas decorations and crafts, horse drawn sleigh rides, Christmas sing along, and decorating the tree. The girls had fun, the mothers had fun too. Daddy was at home working. We even had supper there. biscuit making

horse sleigh

christmas decoration

Early Sunday morning we started our one day trip to Edmonton. We left home at 6:30. AOI was still sleeping when I took her out from her cot. She woke up while I was putting her snowsuit on. Both hubby and I told her “We are off on a little journey.” She was happy and ready to go for this journey. She didn’t sleep again. Our first stop was Ikea. Saskatchewan doesn’t have Ikea so going to Edmonton meant we had to stop in this lovely shop. We bought a new toddler bed for AOI and few things to make our place feel a bit homey. We stayed in the middle of downtown, but the weather was not nice so we didn’t see the beauty of Edmonton.

edmonton by night

We’ll definitely make another trip in the future.

Now, all I want to do is to decorate the house for Christmas 2013. But right now, Christmas in the ‘90s playlist is playing on Songza. Christmas is surely in the air.

I wish everyone a wonderful week 49. Hope you’ve started it in the Christmas mood as I have.


  1. Love all the pictures!

    Glad that you're able to get some writing done when the nanny watches AOI, that must feel nice :)

    All I want to do is decorate for Christmas too. I have to wait until Saturday because Sean wants to do it with me.

  2. Yay for childcare help so that you can get some writing done. That's wonderful!

    (Also: I keep getting surprised by the fact that our babies are due so close together!)

    1. me too, we are going to share so much along the way :)

  3. Did you put anything in your advent calendar boxes? I meant to get one for Dom this year too, because he really enjoyed it last year, but the store I saw selling them actually sold out; next year I'll try and be quicker about it scooping one up.

    Good for you on getting a nanny. Dominic is either at his dads house or in daycare during the week now, but when I was home with him all the time, for the first couple years I craved an hour or two just to BE. I'm glad you are able to do that. I would highly recommend utilizing her services after your little boy gets here too <3


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