9 Dec 2013

Week 49

edmontonMonday morning found us in Edmonton. I had to renew my Italian passport and the nearest consulate to my province is Alberta. The information on the consulate’s website internet it stated that I didn’t need an appointment.

So Monday morning before the office opened we were there waiting to get my documents done. First we had breakfast at Tim Hortons. After breakfast we went to the Italian consulate’s office. It was not open yet, so we waited few minutes until the lady came. As soon as she walked into the corridor ten minutes late, carrying about five shopping bags of Sobeys, she asked me

“Do you have an appointment?” The world felt like opening beneath my feet.

“I read on the website that I don’t need an appointment.” I said a knot in my throat

“Yeah, but it’s the office in Vancouver that you don’t need appointment.” I was really panicking inside because I couldn’t believe that after carefully reading all the information online I missed one particular like that.

“I even tried to phone the office to confirm that I don’t really need an appointment but nobody answered the phone.”

“Did you leave a message?”

“No…” because I was convinced nobody was going to phone me I concluded in head

“You should have…”

“I came all the way from Saskatchewan.” I said while pushing the pregnant belly forward.

“Of course I’m not going to let you go without seeing you but I have so much on my agenda and I’m alone in the office today. Let me check.” She went to the office and then told us to come back in about half hour. At quarter to ten we went back to the office and until the moment we left the office around eleven thirty nobody came into the office apart from another gentleman.

We left Edmonton as the snow started to fall heavily on the ground. AOI slept for more than two hours. She was such a good traveller throughout our short journey to Edmonton there and back.

We arrived home late. We were so happy to be back in Saskatchewan, it feels so much like home living here.

Tuesday we were back to our normal routine, French playgroup in the morning and playing with the train set in the afternoon. We also read books. Wednesday morning we had the option to go to the French playgroup at the library but AOI insisted having a long bath and play with her bath toys.

I didn’t try to convince her to go because I was a little tired and wanted to take it easy. However she asked to go to the library. It was too late for us to go because she had to have a snack then nap. She had a meltdown but in the end I convinced her to have a snack then we went for a walk, taking all her farm animals. Going out is like mission impossible, we have to wrap up  so much for just five to ten minutes walk, because she falls asleep within that time frame every time we go for a walk. 

After nap we went to the midwife appointment. As always AOI surprises me about how much in tuned she is with her little baby brother. She wants to help the midwife in any possible way. She asks if baby brother is doing okay and what he is doing inside. She really melts my heart and I can’t wait to see little baby brother with his big toddler sister.

Saturday we bought the Christmas tree but we still have to decorate it. Sunday we went to church then we had a lovely curry and rice dish hubby cooked. We then went for a walk to help AOI take a nap.

One thing I didn’t do very much this week was taking nice pictures.edmonton1


  1. The lady sounded like a total *insert inappropriate word starting with the letter B*... sorry everything was so annoying to say the least. Aside from that, I'm glad you had a fairly pleasant week, I'm also glad you got home safely, our streets here look like that too at the moment. A little bit slick!

  2. Glad you were able to get your passport renewed. Idk why everything has to be such a hassle now days. If companies and agencies made things simpler our world would function much better.


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