16 Dec 2013

Week 50: Christmas Tree, Pancakes, Singing and First Ice Skate

christmas tree

christmas tree 1

christmas tree 2

pancakes 1

pancakes 2

pancakes 3

first ice skate

first ice skate 1

first ice skate 2

We went out only on Tuesday and Thursday to the playgroups. We also decorated the Christmas tree when we were bored at home. Wednesday got off early from work and took AOI to the swimming pool. He believes we need to do more activities to get AOI tired and able to sleep early in the night {she falls asleep around 8:30-9} after a long bedtime routine and sitting in her bedroom.

Saturday we started our day on the early side but to make me feel better AOI and daddy prepared pancakes. It was yummy. We then went out for our Saturday routine, tutoring the lady in Italian for me and going to listen to stories at the library for AOI and daddy. The rest of the day was a total meltdown for an overtired toddler, this lasted until Sunday morning.

But a lovely pancake breakfast softened my soul. After breakfast and got to church early because AOI had to practice for the Sunday school pageant show. AOI was one of the angels. She had to sing Away in a Manger with the other Sunday school children and she sung beautifully. I’m thrilled that she knows about baby Jesus.

AOI angel


  1. I love the matching outfits in the kitchen!!! That was too cute!! How did she like ice skating? I need to take Zee out and try the ice--even though I can't skate for anything!!

    1. initially she was a little bit scared to fall but in the end she didn't want to leave the rink and yesterday she was happy to stop playing in the house to go ice skating, unfortunately we didn't manage to go.

      I'm sure Zee would love it; my midwife's son is a hockey player and she doesn't skate but she told me that when her son started skating she used to take him to the rink and watched him skate from afar.

  2. You seem like such calm parents. That is so cool! AOI will definitely benefit from such a positive environment.

    Love the pic of her in her angel outfit. Too cute!

  3. This is such a sweet post!

    The red outfits in the kitchen is perfect. I love that she is helping in the kitchen the way she is. And the pictures of her helping to decorate the tree & her in her angel outfit are so cute!

    Hope that you're able to find some activities to keep her busy during the day that way she can sleep earlier :)

  4. I love the matching kitchen outfits. I love that she helps make the pancakes. I sometimes let Dom help, but I get all paranoid of him burning, cutting, spilling on to or on himself. I need to just chill out, and at the very least let him stir the dry ingredients.


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