23 Dec 2013

Week 51: Books, Gifts and Cold Weather

books everywhere

This week we didn’t have any toddler related drama, in fact we had the best toddler in town, well apart from couple of minutes meltdowns.

It was cold outside most days but we still did a lot. AOI’s book obsession soared to another level. She went to bed cuddling to her elefante and a book or two. She woke up and first thing she wanted was her elefante, a book or a story from us.

AOI reading

She was pretty much in a bright mood every morning.

For instance Monday she woke up and she stayed in her toddler bed to talk to her favourite elefante which out of blue she decided to call Baba {even before she knew that there’s a cartoon elephant called Babar}.

Mid morning she wanted to wear her dragon suit.

dragon suit

After that we watched the Italian version of Peppa Pig, a popular European children cartoon. She cuddled Baba so I played an episode of Babar, the king of the elephants.

Tuesday we went to French playgroup and I’m thrilled to say that even though my French is as good as a three year old French, I’m taking all the courage I have to speak it. Sometimes I invent words but by just trying to speak it will make me speak it like a six year old by end of 2014.

Wednesday we went to the other French playgroup hosted in the library, we were the only family because I believe many decided to stay in the warmth of the homes instead of facing the cold outside.

Thursday we joined C and her mother at the swimming pool. AOI surprised us all. We started from the hot tub and as soon as we got out from the tub she saw a spaghetti floater on the floor. Walking fast to it she said “A floater! I want to swim!”

She grabbed one and with a little help from me she jumped into the water. I told her to hold on tight to the floater. From that moment on she started to swim, kicking, peddling and circling in the water. After a while, she giggled and said “I’m swimming like a dolphin.”

I was so surprised and so was my friend. First I didn’t know she knew what a floater is and second I didn’t know she could swimming by holding only to a spaghetti floater. We wished we had our cameras with us.

Friday evening AOI’s daddy told her she could a house out of a book and the next thing I see is half of her books from the shelf turning into little houses on my living room carpet. As cute as that could be, it’s very annoying to pick them up after the pretend game is over.

house of books

Saturday we dedicated the whole day to shopping for our Christmas gifts and food. In the evening we went to the Ghanaian association end of year party.

Sunday we woke up tired. Outside was –35 so we stayed home from church. I drove to homesense to buy wrapping paper. In the evening while husband was making friendship bracelets for us, it was part of our advent calendar, I wrapped most of the gifts I have few left to wrap.

gift wrapping

I’m pleased.

Hope your week 51 sailed off great. Have a great week 52!

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  1. Woah, swimming AND a book lover? Sounds like you have an incredibly smart and special little girl on your hands! I hope your Christmas is awesome and that you have another great week with your family.


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