30 Dec 2013

Week 52: Christmas 2013 Week Recap

aoi christmas dayOur Christmas holidays began with the longest lie in on Monday.

AOI woke up around 8:30 and when she came in our bed to cuddle me she didn’t urge us to go downstairs for breakfast. She wanted us to tell her stories. Her creativity went wild and she told us that our bed is the big ship and one of her books lying on the floor is an octopus. Around us is all water and we have to swimming when we get out of bed.aoi swimming

After breakfast we went to the swimming pool as family of three - I don't remember when we last went together as a family. We had fun. For lunch we had a MacDonald's drive thru meal and drove daddy to work.

We went back home and AOI fell asleep around 3:20pm after reading two books to her I pretended to sleep and she recited the lines she knows by heart until she fell asleep.

When she woke up we went to pick daddy from work and went to the mall. I bought few things for hubby's Christmas gift. The previous Sunday I bought one of the best gifts I've ever purchased for hubby. I was very excited about that.

At the mall we saw the same Santa I took AOI to have her first Santa picture with last year. We pointed him out to her but she was more interested in a toy Santa than the human one. I love the Santa at this mall because he looks so real and that makes me believe in the magic of Santa.

Tuesday morning AOI was excite, she wanted to go to the French playgroup but we weren't going to go because it was over for the Christmas holidays. Towards the evening we built a snow blob.

making of snow blob
PC259778Wednesday, Christmas day hubby woke up more excited than AOI and I put together. AOI woke up few minutes after us and when she came into our bed she wanted to cuddle me a little longer. Daddy brought her the stoking Father Christmas left her the night before. Inside she found the items chalks, paints and painting brushes, the items needed for her big gifts we bought her. Finally after enough cuddling we went downstairs.

AOI was happy for her two big gifts a tent and an easel. She can’t get enough of them.

Scenes from our Christmas day

christmas cookies

aoi wathcing peter pan

we watched Peter Pan, Mary Poppins and Elf. After AOI’s nap we all dressed up nicely and had our Christmas lunch together and exchanged gifts

aoi and her blackboard

first bag




christmas recap

Thursday snow sledding with C and her mum. It looked such fun I wanted to sled too. I have to wait to do that after baby. That will a way to bounce back to my fit self.

snow sledding
Friday was made for total relaxation.


Saturday AOI and I went to the swimming pool with C and her mom. it was our last swimming date of 2013. We really enjoyed it and hope to do more swimming in the coming year.

aoi swimming 1
In the evening we went to have a meal together with some friends. I ate so much I'm sure I've put on weight.

Sunday we went to church, after that we had lunch with D and S and did some clothes shopping for AOI. In the evening I received a coat I bought for her on etsy but I don't like the way it fits for her so I'm about returning to exchange it but hubby thinks I don’t have because it’s okay. I’m torn on this.

aoi play dough

I hope your 52 weeks in 2013 were all in all nice and memorable.

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  1. Awwwe I loved your Christmas scenes. I love how imaginative these little kiddos get when reading stories, and of course I always love the cuddling. I am so happy you had a wonderful Christmas, and as far as the coat goes- go with your gut and exchange it!

    Oh and the snow "blob" totally made me chuckle!

    1. You are right, I should exchange it

  2. You guys have a lot of snow! Can we come visit so the little ones can play in the snow together?!? I am going to Toronto in April for a conference. Is that close to you?

    1. That would he so much fun, you are more than welcome to come for a visit :). we live four hours plane flight from Toronto, so i guess we're a little bit far :(!

  3. That first B&W photo is beautiful......so classical could be used in any year. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. What a great Christmas week you had, AOI in her red dress, love. I am also loving that pic of AOI and her father. Precious.

    All that snow in your backyard, yikes, I don't envy you for that but you sure look like you are making the best of it.

  5. How fun! That picture of you pulling AOI in her sleigh is just too cute! And the one of your hubby with AOI is once to frame.

    Glad you had an awesome Christmas celebration.

  6. What a great Christmas! I love all these pictures! AOI writing on her chalkboard is so cute!


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