30 Sep 2013

Week 39: Savage Garden

plashing in the rain under the red umbrella
This week’s post title was inspired by the fact that I heard the Australian late 90s duo-band while listening to songza and I was taken back into my lonely but enjoyable teenage years. Ah, la nostalgia Smile
To the Moon & Back by Savage Garden on GroovesharkI Want You by Savage Garden on Grooveshark
  • Monday morning AOI told me "Mummy, I want to go play with bloks and my animals".

She clearly didn't want to go to the swimming pool. I knew how the day was going to turn out if I didn't insist taking her to the swimming pool. So I kept telling her we are going to the swimming pool. In the end she stopped saying no and just asked me if she can have tortilla chips. We went to the swimming after her mid-morning snack. At one point I turn to see her starting to doze off so I sang all the way for her to stay awake.

She LOVED swimming. At some point she even tried to swim alone, without her armbands. I am so proud of her.

After swimming we had an appointment with the rehabilitating people regard AOI's hand. The way they talk sounds as if we are worried about AOI's hand out we not. I mean we know that she does everything and will do everything with her hand, all we went there was to found out of they have thinks that protect her hand in case she falls during skating this winter. Just like the way she learned to crawl or walk so she will learn to skate without problems.

In the evening I attended a workshop for grant writing. That thought me two about the journey of writing (I want to share more about that in another post, stay tuned)


  • Tuesday we had French playgroup. She is so much in law with Edward Elephant, she hadn't seem him the whole day so when she found it later in a bag she cuddled and kept kissing her favourite stuffy toy.


  • Wednesday it rained. In the morning AOI and I had a good lie in.  When she woke up she said "Elephant in the bag"

"Elephant was hiding in the bag"

"Yeahhh" and she laughed. Random but that shows she can entertain herself with her observations.

Later we braved the rain and went to the library for the French play group. We made a library card for AOI, in this she can return her own books, lol :).

Oh, I also purchased a desk for only 20$, I found it on kijiji.

In the afternoon, after nap time I put on songza, Dawson's Creek playlist, and danced with AOI to mid to late nineties tunes. In some ways, I miss that period. It was so much fun dancing with my dancing queen A :).


  • Thursday was another rainy day. We only went to playgroup. After which I captured AOI with my favourite red umbrella.


  • Friday we chilled at home. We were supposed to meet with C and her mum but after day care C wasn't feeling well so we didn’t see each other. I was tired anyways and also wanted to get ready for our trip to Montreal on Sunday so I was okay with it.


  • Saturday AOI and I went to story time at the library while daddy had some friends over to bottle their homemade wine {that must be one of the best birthday gifts I ever bought him, because they are saving on buying wine, it works out about $4 a bottle compared to $9 for a very nasty taste shop wine}

After lunch AMI went to his office to work on his presentation for the conference in Montreal, AOI had a very long nap {after battling against sleep} from 2:30pm until 5pm, that meant I could work and send out some emails. But most importantly, it meant a late bedtime routine.

When AOI fell asleep in the evening, we packed our travel bag quickly and painlessly {I can't believe nowadays I pack my travel bags just a few days before we leave for the trip. Once I used to back two weeks or more in advance}


  • Sunday we took our flight to Montreal. AOI was a great traveller, she complained at times but she was a great fun. She loved the flight and even waved goodbye to the air hostess without our encouragement. After she's done that she said "I waved bye-bye." That little made this mamma so proud! Also she wanted to help pushed her suitcase.

At one point she didn’t want daddy to sit in his passenger seat. Well, this is the last trip which she doesn't have to pay and she has to sit in our laps. Next trip we will have to pay for toddler and we will have free baby on board {we better start saving more}.

I watched The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio is simply splendid in it. I love that actor! Also that’s one of my favourite novels by a male author, so combining the two elements made want to read book and watch the movie over and over again.

Now, some weekly stills

AOI dancing 1



  • my dancing queen {Emily G, yes the crayon on the fridge is easy to clean off because it’s washable crayons. Very ingenious invention}
  • AOI has a secret…
  • she found her blue wallet, hurray!

The Beetle Shack

Question: Is there any song that takes you back in time, into your teenage years?

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28 Sep 2013

Portrait of My Child #10

Week 34AOI in the river
my little explorer
Week 35at the spray pad
enjoying the Saskatchewan summer at the spray park

Week 36AOI pretend sleeping
pretend sleeping
Week 37fishing with daddy
sunset fishing with daddy
My favourite from last week is by Jodi our Portrait a Week host, her children took us on a journey to Bali.

Pregnancy #2: First Trimester

I'm sincerely surprised at how fast my second pregnancy is moving along. 

I am closer to my third trimester, being 23+ weeks. Unlike my first pregnancy, I’m late in updating and writing letters/notes for this little sweet baby within my belly I’ll start very soon}

NOTE: the jeans in picture week 6 are very lose now that I am 23+ weeks pregnant than when I was only week 6, strange body.
Pregnancy 4-7weeks

Maybe time went by so fast because I was still not sure I was truly pregnant. But apparently second babies are very fast in coming into some people’s life Winking smile.

When I found out in May and phoned my midwife, she didn’t see me until a day before we left for Europe. Also during the appointment she didn't listen to the baby heartbeat or anything, she just confirmed with me the date of my last period to check my hypothetical due date on her chart.
I left her studio a little bit sad, because I thought she was going to let me listen to the heartbeat or at least ask me do another pregnancy test, just do something.

Physically I was feeling okay, just piling on the weight and I was not happy about my appearance. I felt like I couldn't dress or look good in any outfit. I was feeling so frumpy I even thought about buying new items, this time maternity clothes. I wanted to shop in Europe. But I couldn't any kind of shopping for one reason or the other. I just bought a skirt and top for my brother's graduation, but I looked like a seven months pregnant lady.

Anyways, just like my first pregnancy, this pregnancy is sailing smoothly. I’m in LOVE with my sweet little MANGO. Finally I have a nickname for baby #2.

Appetite and food: I am lucky, because I didn’t have any morning sickness. I just felt a little bit of nausea now and again, but nothing scary.

However, I didn’t have appetite, but that didn’t stop me from eating well whilst in Italy and eating lots of Nandos in Britain.

But once stress got to me, I lost my appetite. The smell of food just made want to stop eating all together. I weighed 83 kilos (183 pounds) at my first midwife appointment. When I got back, at my third midwife appointment, I weighed 80 kilos (176 pounds). I was worried but the midwife reassured me that baby was getting what baby needed so I didn’t have to fret.

Now, I’m back into eating everything, I’m really into spicy food. I am not into sweets at all – the only sugar I get are from fruit and a little bit of honey. Eat fruit, vegetables (juicing nearly every day), soya milk, pasta, rice, noodles and some Chinese or Thai food. 

Also I don’t want to eat for two so I am conscious about what I eat. I really want to achieve my ideal body weight once I give birth, unlike after last pregnancy, which I post more on post-partum than during. I’m definitely going to follow Erica’s Post-Partum Bootcamp after I give birth in January.

I hope I’m getting good nutrition through the list of food above. I take the folic acid without fail – I forgot about taking it couple of times since discovering the pregnancy.

Question: How do/did you feel during your pregnancies? Do/did you have a nickname for your baby/babies?

p.s: I found out that there are so many of us bloggers pregnant with babies due early 2014. I was wondering if you are interested in doing a link up called BLOGGER BABY BOOM. This will help us meet other mothers with similar baby birthdates and keep ourselves in good company during this precious moment of our lives. What do you think?

26 Sep 2013

Project Milf: Monthly Review


Long time since I’ve updated how my #Project Milf is going.


One of my goals was to become healthy again before pregnancy #2. Before leaving for Europe I was trying very hard to lose the post baby #1 weight but nothing was working. I was putting more weight on. I guess because I was already pregnant and I wasn’t even aware. After the holidays I noticed a change in appearance. Although I was already into my second trimester, many of my friends told me I’ve lost weight. I guess, I lost weight due to stress because, apart from few weeks, I was eating so much while I was in Europe.

Also since we got back from Europe both hubby and I have been juicing every day. We eat our normal meals but every morning after breakfast we juice. I don’t snack very much after this.


Up to date I’ve raised $200 over the $1000 I set myself to raise. I have another month before I send the money to CHAMP and Plan Canada, so I hope I will be able to raise a little bit more



I am so excited, I can’t even write, because my thoughts are clashing together. Well, about two weeks ago I received the edited version of the novel and I going through it, it’s so enhanced from my final draft. I love my characters, the plot and setting. The male character is one of those one can’t help but fall in love with even with all his defects. I really can’t wait to share some chapters with my friends.


25 Sep 2013

AOI Says…

I was inspired by dearbabyblog to start this new seriesAOI mopsat 22 months

{Lately, I’ve been having proper conversations with AOI, not one way track speech. Sometimes she surprises me so much with what she says. The following exchange happened when I saw her standing near the fridge, her Elephant under one arm and colour in the other hand, colouring away}

ME: A, I think… {I stopped to think}

AOI: What do you think mummy? {I was surprised because I didn’t expect her to form the whole question correctly. She turns away from the fridge, a big grin on her lips, then she repeats} What do you think mummy?

ME: I think you can help me mop.

AOI: {she was more than happy to help}

24 Sep 2013

Week 38: Exciting

AOI and RN learning art

Finally I have the chance to update week 38.

  • last Monday I realised some days are busy than others. I planned to do three things that day but I ended up doing two. Go to the bank, buy French books for my course and go swimming. Did the first two and on our way to the swimming I asked AOI if she wanted to go swimming or home she said home. So i drove home, when I got home she said swimming, so I drove towards the swimming pool but once on the highway I checked and saw she was sleeping. I drove back home and put her in her crib for a long nap. When she woke up we chilled in the house playing with Moosy {the moose}


  • Tuesday French playgroup started. This year I can feel I am going to be good with my spoken French. After the playgroup I went to meet with the new writer in residence. I am writing a query letter and I want to work with her to get my story into the world.

In the evening I went to my very first French class. I am so excited about learning. Why am I learning French? Because I would like to communicate in French with the other mothers who speak French at French playgroup and hopefully if one day AOI decides to carry on studying French we can speak together. 

During French class it hit me that it was my first time back to a classroom since I left university late 2009. I miss studying and maybe one day I will be an Italian teacher/educator, creative writing or literature.

I found out that the more I want to learn French the more I want to hold onto my Italian language.

After French class, I joined AMI and AOI at a friend's house who hosted a get together dinner. I wonder how some people keep their houses so spotless. I want a cleaner.


  • Wednesday AOI and I went to another French playgroup at the library. After lunch AOI had a nap during which time I worked on my blog. In the evening i attended the book launch of our new writer in residence


  • Thursday we didn’t go to playgroup because I went to see the midwife with AOI. She didn’t freak out too much when the midwife wanted to hear the baby heartbeat. She helped me clean the belly and gave a kiss to her little sibling. She is so much in love with the belly. After the appointment we stopped at a playground but it was too cold so went home after 20 minutes.

In the evening I went to my writer's group. One of the writers in the group just got her book published. We are so happy for her because the story she penned needed to be told. It's about alcoholism, outlaw biker and redemption. It’s just inspiring.

  • Friday we went to the art gallery with R and his mother. When it was time to go she started to cry and didn’t want to leave. She was tired but yet she was willing to play a little bit longer. It was hard to go but she needed her nap.

In the afternoon we went to the park with C and her mom. It was such a wonderful late afternoon with the autumn sun shimmering over our little girls. I hope these months will be cherished by both girls one day.

After playdate we joined daddy for a date at a Thai restaurant. Going to the restaurant with a tired toddler is such an adventure. I really need a babysitter.

In the evening she told daddy about her day “I see R and frisbee and …” some other words I believe I would have understood if I was in the room with her.

  • Saturday morning we joined R's mom and other people for a walk to raise funds for Children's Wish charity. I am going to do it every year as long as I have health. They gave us lunch.

In the afternoon we went to buy few toys for AOI, the animal farm and alphabet and numbers magnetic. She loves them. After that we spent the rest of the afternoon in the library. When it was time to go our daughter didn't want to go and leave the library toys there, lol. We had to remind her of her own toys at home.

  • Sunday morning we didn't go to church because I had to volunteer at the my local Word on the Street Festival. I was assigned to assist Melanie Schnell and Robin and Arlene Karpan, three of the well known authors of Saskatchewan. I was more

I was happy to be surrounded by great authors like Yann Martel (Life of Pi), Guy Gavriel Kay (River of Stars), Will Ferguson (419), Alice Kuipers (40 Things I want to tell you), Michael Smith (Back to Basis), Janet and Greta Podleski (The Looneyspoons Collections). It's so inspiring.

We stayed until half past two, then went to do our weekly food shopping. After that I went to listen to Alice Kuiper announce the Teen Writing Competition Winners.

Sunday evening, when I returned from the Word on The Street Festival, I had to talk to myself to calm down from the excitement. It felt wonderful being surrounded by wonderful people who loved literature and made it possible for us to enjoy it.

It was such an exciting week and thinking about it makes me smile

Some stills

AOI moosy

AOI moosy 2

art gallery

AOI and RN

at the art gallery

  • Moosy (the moose) had its own train blok
  • AOI teaches Moosy how to play
  • the art gallery
  • AOI and RN playing peekaboo at the cafe in the art gallery
  • beautiful sculpture, very interesting

and 38 week iPhone Photo DumpWeek 38 iphone photo dump

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23 Sep 2013

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21 Sep 2013

Portrait of My Child #9

a walk on the beach with Dotty
one afternoon in Hyde Park, London – apple of my eyes
Week 32AOI and mummy bare feet in the water
bare feet in the water and hugging mummy’s legs, my darling girl
Miss AOI, Miss AOI spin around, hippy!
My favourite from last week is by Sisilia Piring, how adorable are her little sweet girl browsing internet.

20 Sep 2013

Pregnancy #2: Finding Out


the above picture is nothing related to this pregnancy, is part of my maternity photo shoot back in autumn 2011. I love the colour and composition

First, a big thank you for all for your congratulations and excitement for my growing family. I am so happy for this miracle growing within me.

Right now I am 22 weeks into this pregnancy but I have to do few updates before I jump into a possible Friday weekly updates.


The morning of May 16th I decided to take a pregnancy test after two days missing my period. Up that day I was feeling bloated and grumpy but nothing too strange to make me suspect I was really pregnant. Inside I was freaking out because I didn’t want to see a negative sign but I felt it was so unlikely that I was already pregnant because it was only a month ago since hubby and I decided to try for baby number two.

The test was positive, a faint positive but still POSITIVE.pregnancy test

I didn’t know how to take the news.

I mean, I was excited because I wanted a sibling for AOI and every time I look at her beautiful porcelain face, I imagine a little baby like her again. However, I was sceptical about my excitement because it took us nearly a year to conceive AOI. As my excitement became strong so my doubts. What if my desire to have another baby was just playing tricks with my body and mind?

I also wondered if

“Am I going to be a good mother to two children? Am I going to cope with two screaming children? I know I will put all my might to be a good parent.

Most of all, when I did my 2013 vision board and imagine us pregnant again, I didn’t know for sure we were going to expect again in 2013. Five days after the pregnancy test I let my fears and doubts bypass me. I was not just late. Also, I don’t know what was different in appearance but AOI started to get excited and kiss my belly every time she saw it. It felt as if she could sense her mummy was pregnant. In my journal I wrote


Question: How did you find out about your pregnancy/pregnancies? How did you feel?

p.s: also, at Top Baby Blogs just had it's quarterly reset. It would be awesome if you can vote for us. You can vote up to once per day using the button below (which you can find on my sidebar ---->). thanks so much for all the support!

18 Sep 2013

Letters To AOI #6: Your Smile

When You're Smiling by Doris Day on Grooveshark

“When you’re smiling,
The whole world smiles with you” sung by Doris Day

AOI and mummyDear sweet girl,

Today you turned 22 months and I can’t believe that in just two months you will be 2 years old. I really wonder how time flies and I worry I don’t document enough about your achievements.

Your smile! You see that smile… it makes my heart skip beats. I love your smile so much. It’s joy for me to see your beaming smile.

So much has happened since I wrote you an open letter. You are the best toddler I know, with minor attitude issues, but we get along so well. You like to play with me and some afternoons I just drop whatever I am doing to sit on the floor with you and play or read stories.

June/July we travelled to Europe and you enjoyed it. However, there were times you didn’t like the changes too much. For this reason you wanted to be by my side or daddy’s side because maybe you were worried we would leave you alone. As soon as we returned home your confidence bounced back. You weren’t worried to go to other people and, one day, you even left me and daddy to go play with other children you never seen before.

You are a chatty little girl. My afternoons are filled with your sweet little voice talking to your stuffy toys and asking me questions to which you know the answers. For instance you ask “What’s this mama?” I say respond and you say “No, it’s…” I just love how you call me mama. Sometimes I think you like it too because you just call me for no reason at all.

You love to sing. You have a lovely voice. I mean it. You are more in tune than me. You can sing You’re My Sunshine, Ba ba Black Sheep, Hickery Dickery Dock… and many more. I wonder if you are going to be a singer one day. But I also wonder if you are going to be an author because you like telling stories and pretending to read. You know how to count to 10 and say ABCs. You understand me when I speak to you in Italian but you normally respond in English. Just few months ago you could count in Italian but now, you prefer to count in English. Sometimes you say something in English with one Italian word in the middle. For example one day you said “I spegni the light.” meaning “I turned off the light.”

I once wrote that you have great memory, that’s skill is just getting better as you grow. Once you hear something once you just memorise it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lately your favourite hobby is building mega bloks. You spend hours playing with them or reading to your teddies or taking them for a ride on the bicycle..

You are a mini version of me; I see so much of the characteristics I used to have in you. You are determined, brave and free willed. Whenever you want to something you want to try by yourself and only when you can’t do it you ask for a little help. I really hope you will always have those characteristic but also remember that you don’t have to be afraid to ask for a little help when you are in need.  AOI washing

You are helpful and want to help mummy every chance you get. The other day you insisted in helping me wash the dishes. You did such a great job, you washed it all clean. But sometimes your help turns into a mess, especially when you throw your teddies around the house.

We started potty training before we left for Europe but due to unplanned traveling within our trip we didn’t keep up with the training. We started again once we got back home. We slowly getting there. You tell me when you need the potty 70% of the time.

Also, just before we left for Europe I found out I was going to give you a sibling. I believe you could sense it even before I did the test. You became obsessed with my belly and you would scream belly, belly every time I was getting ready for our day. You are going to be a sibling and you are already in love with the baby. One morning you said

“I see baby at doctor.” you then nod your head to confirm what you just said. You then asked “Where is baby picture?”

I gave it to you and told you to be careful not to ruin the ultrasound picture. You took care of the picture, you then kiss it and put it back in the drawer. The other day you said “Baby, I love you.” and kissed the belly. Or other times you come to me and say “Mummi, I want to cuddle baby.” after awhile you ask “What baby doing?”

I tell you baby is sleeping or relaxing and you gently repeat that. 

Right then I think How can a toddler aware of the meaning of having a baby in the belly. I mean your first ever proper word was BABY. I believe you are going to be such an awesome big sister. I am so happy to have you next to me in this journey as mother of two.

sieve hat

You are such a fun girl to be around with. The other day I was working on my laptop and when I turned I found you with a sieve on your head. Who does that if not a comedian?

Today while we were in the living room you stood there arms stretched out and said “I want to fly!”

OMG, you are so dramatic and creative, and I love your shining personality. You make me such a PROUD mother. 

I love you so much, amore mio.

All my heart,



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