5 Jan 2014


Here goes again, 52 photo project.
I’m excited to participate again, this year I intend to link up every Sunday. I want to get inspired and interact more with the parents who take those beautiful portraits of their kids’ everyday life.
In few weeks baby Mango will be here for me to take pictures of him for this project so I’m including him by sharing a picture of the belly. 
aoi telephone
aoi phone baby
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (last portraits with my Olympus EPL-1)
AOI hiding behind my iPhone as she waits for me to finish set the self-timer
“Baby, what are you doing in there?”, the elder sister asks on the old school phone
Linking with Jodi


  1. What wonderful pictures! I love the one with the tin can, so sweet. I'm totally going to get involved with this! Great idea x

  2. such cute pictures of precious AOI!

  3. I'm doing this again too! I love these pictures- I even love that she has the tin can + rope phone! I should make Dom one. Looking forward to see the little one + baby bro <3


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