11 Jan 2014


AOI 2-52
dreaming of you
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)
This week AOI’s obsession for books went up to the rocket, she read anywhere she could find space and sometimes she didn’t want to come to eat because she felt forced to get away from her book for some time. She reminds me of me in this passion.
More or less ten days and baby Mango will be here in our arms
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  1. I love that she loves to read like that :)

    Beautiful images!

  2. it's getting so close, hey? I'm officially like 14 days away, but who knows when baby will actually arrive. the suspect is killing me!!!!

    love that she loves to read like that....I can NOT convince S to read. She says it's "too boring." Which is a shame, as I'm like the biggest reader ever. oh well, i'm confident that she'll see the light at some point!

    1. I know the suspense is so annoying?

  3. How exciting, less than 2 weeks and your baby will be here. Holla. I am only 5 weeks behind you ladies, so exciting.

    Have a save delivery

  4. seriously, any day could be THE DAY!! every time I open up your blog I sort of expect an announcement post! Your little one is going to be so cute, just like AOI :) it's awesome (even though she wants to skip dinner lol) that she loves books so much. hopefully it'll grow to a lifelong passion for reading.

  5. This is so awesome! I love when kids read. My little one likes to "read". Granted, she has no clue what she is looking at other than the fact that its a book but I get excited when she pretends to read.


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