19 Jan 2014


You ladies, thank you so much for your warm wishes and congratulatory comments. We feel blessed.
Mr. T is doing very well and we’re settling in as a family of four. We can’t believe how easily we transition from being family of three to becoming family four so easily. My big girl loves her little baby brother and she includes him in our fantastic adventures. She likes to rock him in his bouncer and sing some of her favourite songs. At breakfast she makes sure baby is in his bouncer positioned between her chair and mummy’s. This morning she turned away for a second and I took baby to feed him. Whens she turned back to the bouncer she asks “Where is T.”
“Here, in my arms.” she loves her brother and I pray that love keeps on growing. These are moments I’m try to capture as much as possible.
This morning, as I was feeding Mr. T with AOI curled next to him, I felt so blessed to be the mother of these two wonderful creatures. My heart swell each second I spend with them.
AOI 3-52
Mr. T: just last week these toes were swimming in my belly. Now I can and love the same tiny wrinkly feet in real time.
Miss AOI: enjoying a quiet moment on the baby bouncer
Linking with Jodi
Some of my favourites photos from the other ladies Liam’s blue eyes/ perspectives in Oyster Peal’s photos/ the colours in my friend Erica’s beach toddler photo


  1. Aw, congratulations! He is super precious! xxx

  2. Adorable. My favorite, your daughter in the bounce seat. Smart girl!

  3. Glad to hear that you all are settling in nicely. I was amazed at how easy it was for us to transition from a family of three to four too. Moo had a blast being my big helper and just adored her little brother. She loves it and I'm grateful for the incredible bond that they have.

  4. Thanks for including me! Love your pics. There's nothing like tiny newborn feet.

  5. Babies...miracles. I love those wrinkly feet! -Misty

  6. I LOVE how much she loves him. I also love that she hijacked his bouncer ;)

  7. so precious! Elyse loves to hangout in the bouncer that my mom has at her house for my niece Harper...she was curled up in it just today at lunchtime!


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