7 Jan 2014

DIY Maternity Photo-shoot: Indoor Inspiration

As you all know I love taking weekly photos of my growing belly and I’ve been doing that even with this pregnancy. Now, the time has summoned me to start thinking very hard about maternity photo-shoot again.
As the weeks get closer and closer to labour day I want to capture the growing belly in a professional way but just like the first pregnancy I can’t afford a professional photographer. So DIY maternity photo-shoot will be once more. 
For baby #1 maternity photo-shoot I did self portrait for all the indoor pictures and hubby helped with the outdoor pictures. But the weather is between –26*C and –30*C most days so I can’t think about outdoor pictures. And really my husband will not do a great job because he will be complaining about how the weather is horribly cold for us to stand outside taking pictures. 
For this reason my main focus for pregnancy #2 maternity photo-shoot is to concentrate on indoor photos.
As always I’ve been pinning inspirational photos.
My current inspiration is the lady behind the paintthemoon blog. She’s one of my favourite lifestyle and childhood photographers. Her pictures are full of light. During her third pregnancy she shared her maternity photo session and I would like to capture pictures similar to those.

After pregnancy #1 I’ve learnt a lot about maternity photo-shoot and new born portraiture, I’m inspired by some of the self portraits I captured during pregnancy #1
I will use my tripod and try to do some pictures while AOI is taking her naps and when she is awake and in picture taking mood {because she does have her NO picture days too} do other photos with her. But my main problem is finding the right clothes, hair style, time and the right light in my house to accomplish this task.
Tomorrow I’ll 38 weeks pregnant and some days my back pains are worse than others, therefore I believe I have to assign a week to get all the pictures I want.
Questions: Did you do a maternity photo-shoot? Was it a professional photographer or DIY maternity photo-shoot to memorialise your pregnancy? Which week do you think is best?
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  1. We did maternity photos at JC Penney. I don't think I'll do it "out" next time. They had a lot of restrictions on what we can and cannot wear. Next time, I'll have our neighbor do it. She is a professional photographer and is really cool.
    Can't wait to see yours.

  2. The ones you did last were beautiful. I'm excited to see what you do now.

    As for the light situation, I'm thinking as long as you have some blinds open you should be able get some great natural light.

  3. Your are beautiful...I am starting to think some maternity shots are just too glamorous...I mean is that really true all of the time?!? Anyway maybe I'm just being jaded
    . Maybe maternity shoots can be your niche in your photography?

  4. I like your inspiration pictures! Good luck with making it all come together- you don't have too much longer before he gets here!

  5. I did a maternity shoot the second time around. We hired a photographer for the pictures. I did it around 37 weeks. It turns out I was right on time as my daughter came early. She was born a week after the pictures were taken.

  6. Great inspiration! I haven't really taken maternity pictures with my children, I don't really regret it, there were enough pictures of me and my big belly!


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