24 Jan 2014

Mr T.: Week 1

sleepy TSweetie Pie!

These two words encapsulate how we felt having you in our life this first week. The hours after your birth I was in a delirium state of happiness. I wanted to shout to the world how much I was in love with you already. I was on cloud nine. My mind was racing so fast I took it on IG. We love you so much it’s crazy how in just nine days you’ve taken our world and hearts by storm.


Your sister, she’s loves you so much. Sometimes as you sleep in the bouncer or I feed you she comes to you and tenderly says, in her pretend big girl voice, “Oh, T. you’re so funny. I love.” and she laughs all in love. She just looks like a wise two-nty years old when she gets close to you and tenderly strokes your fine hair. Today, as I was feeding you and she was lying next to us, she said “T. I’m going to teach you how to swim, walk with elephante and sleep like a bird.” I thought, gosh she’s only two years old, how does she naturally behave like a protective big sister already. I can tell you two are going to be such great pals.

Welcoming you into the world the way I prayed for was a blessing. You’re our miracle baby, you were in our arms the early morning of Wednesday 15th January, 6:29am, as your sister was fast asleep upstairs in her bedroom. We never thought it was going to be an easy ride as it was. God is really wonderful and miraculous. I can’t wait to write down your birth story, the candid emotions are preciously recorded on a recorder.

We’re adjusting as family of four but today {24-01} daddy went to a meeting, it wasn’t overwhelming as I thought it would be the first time alone with two children. I put you in your cot as I got your sister ready. After that I changed your diaper and fed you. Then we went downstairs and Miss A. took her animals for walk up and down the living room, she asked me to follow her with you in my arms. After a while we rested on the sofa while I invented stories for both of you to hear. In the meantime Miss A covered us with one of shawls. I realised that I’ll be okay having two children to look after. You are delicate and when I look into your big brown eyes I wonder if I’m doing it alright as a mother of a newborn. You feed fine and sleep well. You’ve already gained the weight you lost after birth.

God gave both you and your sister to us and we promise to protect and guide you with all our might.

family life

I am taking everything day with an open heart, even the challenges that may follow. You sleep well at night, only the second night you couldn’t sleep well because you wanted more milk but my body was only producing the colostrum. In the end we slept for four hours but it felt good. I didn’t see it as a bad night, just another turning curve. Though, I hope you are a good sleeper as you seem to be.

When you cry I console you by speaking a mix of Italian and English. You don’t cry often, only when you have to be changed and you want to feed. Then you relax in your bouncer and look around at us with your big eye. You have the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen in newborn – well, you were born with eyes wide open. I kiss your tender sweet cheeks and tiny nose. I curl my toes and bite my fingers time to time to curb my enthusiasm for such cuteness. Your delicate and innocent being melts my heart.

baby T. week 1

It’s nice to have another boy in the house, because you’re all new experience. I love to watch your daddy and sister near you. Or when your sister says “T. don’t cry for latte {milk}, just say hello. T. loves latte  and he wants to drink latte.” It fills and calms my heart to know that you have such a wonderful father and sister.

On the 18th, as we were snoozing in bed, your sister had her head full of morning wild curls rested in my lap and you were in my arms, I shook my head as I marvelled at how wonderful two children to call my offspring. It will take some time to have the title of mother of two quietly settle down. I’m so proud to have both you and your sister in our lives.

brother sister week 1

There is so much more I want to write but my thoughts are disjointed. I leave this first week update/letter with four facts about you:

  • you have a great head neck movement control
  • you were born with eyes wide open
  • you gained your birth weight within a week after birth
  • you’re alert and follow us with your eyed

I love you dearly,

Mummy TOI.



  1. So beautiful. Happy 1st week baby T. It's crazy how things can change in such a little amount of time.

    1. i know, each day something change

  2. awww...Mr. T is just soooooo yummy!! i love your photography too...so pretty!!

  3. Awww..this is too sweet and he is too handsome. It's amazing how each experience feels different. It's like you've been down that road before, but still it's a new journey and has new challenges now. Glad Miss A is enjoying her baby brother!

  4. so precious! these pictures are gorgeous and I'm so glad you're adjusting well to being a family of 4!

  5. Aw, such beautiful photos! What a gorgeous family! xxx

  6. Due to the obligations of being a teacher, I haven't had the opportunity to congratulate you. The love you have in your heart is soooooo.....great (and that word doesn't do the amount justice). Beautiful thoughts, beautiful mom, beautiful children, beautiful family.

    1. you are too kind, thank you very much

  7. Congradulations! The three of you look so precious together! You're little girl is so adorable too!

  8. he's here and he's so cute!!! congratulations!!


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