31 Jan 2014

Mr T.: Week 2

12 days

Dear sweet Mr T.,

My big brown eyes boy. Your eyes, gosh I can spend hours drowning in your beautiful brown eyes. They look up at me and they tell me of your love for me and I appreciate you so much. The other day I woke up to find you next to me looking at me as if I’m an idol, I love you so much. I’m glad you chose me as your mother. I’m so proud to have in my life and you chose the perfect time to come into our lives.

Only sixteen days and though you’re still tiny tiny, I can tell you’ve grown so much. I believe this week you had a growth spurt because we had some hiccups due to my as adjusting to your feeding pattern. You can feed for hours and I don’t know if you are really feeding or just soothing yourself but I don’t mind because I love feeding you, it keeps you close by my heart as much as possible, that fills my heart with join and I hope it fills yours too.

I love watching you sleep, you stretch arms and clicking your tongue together. It is so much fun to observe. Especially after a good feed. You sometimes let out a smile, and I wonder what you’re dreaming.

sleepy baby

You are so cute and cuddly I can’t help but kiss you non stop. I absorb in all the little details about you. The fold in your neck, the wrinkles on your arms and legs. Your smell, so clean and fresh though you haven’t had a proper bath in two weeks.  Daddy is always holding you close to his heart. Your sister loves you so much and I enjoy witnessing the sibling love each day. She’s empathetic and when you cry she comforts you. Sometimes she gives you her favourite elefante to cuddle when you’re crying and she says “T. you can cuddle elefante, he’s nice.”

Some nights daddy read to you and your sister. I can’t wait to see you giggle and enjoying story time.

Mr T. week 2

Some facts about this week

  • baby pimples began to spread on your face but it was not as bad as it was with you sister
  • you went your first car journey to auto dealer, we bought a new family car
  • you had some difficulties adjusting to how the milk flow was coming though my body but we over came that hiccup.
  • I love how you sleep, so peacefully.
  • you’re irresistible, we can’t get enough of you

Love you so much sweet little angel,

Mummy TOI



  1. Week 2 already! :)
    He is so beautiful.

  2. Congrats congrat congrats!!!!!! He is perfect! Soak up every moment! xoxo

  3. So so so cute! I hope Eva will care so much about her little brother as well. I'm so worried she'll be jealous.

  4. A beautiful record, so heart melting to read and what gorgeous photos!

  5. Congratulations to you all. This is such lovely news. He is just so adorable. Take care xx


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