13 Jan 2014

Our Everyday Life: Nesting

AOI readingThank you everyone who commented on my home birth with a toddler post. Your comments helped me come up with different aspect about home birth with a toddler I didn’t consider earlier. I spent the week considering thinking about everything. We don’t have family members living in our province so we depend on friend when we need help and I asked two more friends if they won’t mind coming to help with AOI while in labour. They were so kind and said yes without hesitation.

You see having this blog really helps me come out of my comfort zone and decide on some issues that otherwise I don’t thoroughly think through.

kipper the dog


AOI rocking horse

house on fire

{this photo is taking part in the P52 photo challenge at clickinmoms}

Week 2 of 2014 I was in the nesting mood. AOI used the car seat for her sleepy sheep and brother bear.

I felt the urge to wash all the baby clothes, bedding and car seat insert. I thought a lot about how baby could come any day, but I prayed for him to come on January 19th, for no particular reason but just that it would be nice to have him over the weekend.

Couple days this daddy had to go back to work for some meetings. I tried to be more present with AOI we had chance to read more and play with her toys. I didn’t use my laptop until she fell her nap time. I enjoyed give her cuddles and playing pretend games with her.

When she wanted a break from our play time together, she read, which means paraphrasing or reciting the words of the stories in the books we read to her, everywhere she could find a space to sit or stand. She also spent hours in the basement inventing stories for her farm animals.

I went to the chiropractor, practiced my photography skills and went to the library for hour an hour. In the afternoon, when the babysitter arrived, I revised a chapter of my novel. I’ve been hinting about my novel for too long and I believe the time is getting closer for when I share with you all an excerpt. But right now my mind is all about getting ready for baby boy.

Saturday I had all day writer’s workshop, daddy took AOI to story time at the library and then we all met for a quiet afternoon at home.

How was your week?

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  1. Glad that the comments helped you make a decision. It's great how out blog friends help.

    Love the pictures!! Ahh the good ole nesting. I love to read about that for some reason.

  2. I can't believe how close you are! Eeeek!!

  3. These pictures are so cute! AOI is just such a beautiful girl.

    Glad the comments were able to help you with your decision surrounding your birth plan.

  4. So looking forward to reading some of your novel !! :)

  5. She is becoming such a big girl...and doesn't the nesting phase feel amazing for you and her! Glad you have a plan for the home birth!!


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