2 Jan 2014

Trust. My 2014 Vision Board

Happy 2014.

I hope you tried to turn the last page of last year in a meaningful way.

In Italy there is a saying that I've adapted to avoid being graphic "If you don't do something meaningful at New Year's Eve, you won't do anything meaningful the whole year." I know this version of saying is a bit dramatic but then again life is full of drama, no?

So, I try to do something meaningful with my family on New Year’s Eve.

We tucked AOI into her bed at around 9pm, then AMI and I finished tidying up the house to a presentable state and I finished washing all our dirty laundry {as my personal tradition I don't like carrying too many dirty laundry into the new year}.After that I joined my husband in bed and we spent our last half an hour of the old year talking about our hopes, visions and goals for 2014.

We welcomed the year in a nirvana state of mind with a kiss, a cuddle and happy faces.
I hope AMI and I will have more pillow talks during 2014.

So is that time of the year when I share my hope and goals for this year.

I'm more than thrilled to do another vision board for 2014.

This time around, instead of creating a virtual vision board on my computer, I went old school. I took old magazines, a poster, a clue and scissors. I cut and pasted on the poster all the words and images that jumped at me.

This is the end result


When I began working on the vision board the word I wanted to represent my 2014 was FOCUS, I wanted to be able to set my mind on things and take them all the way to the end. But once I completed the board the word that 2014 chose for me is TRUST. I couldn't have chosen a better word myself.

On my board there are many words and phrases but without trust how can they become reality? To accomplish anything I have to learn to trust in Him, in my instincts, in my worth and in others.

This is what I see every time I walk into my studio and sit at my desk.


This collage of words and images inspire the artist in me, I believe that creating this special space for me is good because it’s a place my creativity run wild and free. I hope that trusting in what I have to share with inspire others to trust in themselves.  

I have a timeline for most visions but in the middle of the poster I have phrases to remind the legacy I this year help me achieve. Following are seven phrases to pinpoint how I want this year to count:

to capture the time to shine in everything

to put words into action

to dare to be a better me for myself, my children, my husband and people around me

to reinvent myself

to keep believing that “Everyone has a story” to tell

to be clear about why I write what I write


When I woke on the first day of 2014 the sky was still veiled by darkness but later in day the sun smiled on us and I trust that’s a sign that this year is going to full of brightness, because it’s my year. Your year!.

QUESTIONS: What’s your legacy in 2014? Which word did you choose to represent your 2014?

trail cover of Wasting Away source courtesy of myfroley

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  1. Possibilities is my word. There are so many possibilities but we have to work and seize them and that is my focus for the new year. I have yet to complete a vision board but I am thinking about having a party at my house to get them done before the end of the month. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. I never chose a word for this year, it never even occurred to me- to do so. Guess I know what I'll be thinking about this weekend ;) . I love your vision board for this year, and I love reading what your goals and dreams are. People are so fascinating in the things that are importation to them, and dreams they hope come to pass <3 Love reading more about you.

  3. I love your vision board. I've made collages before, but never created a vision board. -What an excellent idea. I wish you and your family a beautiful year. Also thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.-You're lovely!


  4. I LOVE your vision board...here's to 2014 being the year where everything goes according to plan!!

  5. I agree that you should do something productive on new years eve to ring in the new year; I started cleaning my room before the new year because I didn't want to wait for the new year to start doing something I already want to be doing. And I love how you made a vision board to remind yourself! I choose confidence as my word for 2014. (http://berrymerryendorphins.blogspot.com/2014/01/confidence-my-word-for-2014.html)

    Happy 2014!
    - Molly

  6. what a great vision board. I just made a list for 2014 :)


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