15 Feb 2014


aoi dreamy

Mr T_week 7 edited-2

siblings week 7 copy

AOI: playing pee-a-boo under the tent made out of mummy’s scarf – I created the blurry effect because I love the dreamy eyes and smile on my girl’s face. I can spend hours staring at that sweet porcelain face

Mr T.: His eyes, oh, his are brown diamond and I can swimming in them non-stop. He’s alert more hours during the day, but he still loves his sleep. I love to see him so content.

AOI and Mr T.: while learning our Dr Seus rhyming numbers, AOI notices a the skin peeling off T’s forehead and she says “Oh, T. you’re so itchy”.


Linking with Jodi

Some of my favourites photos from the other ladies are I love to witness the sibling love the books don’t talk about by Lucia / a little baby in red pants on a big beach by Pienkel and pregnant belly in a beautiful afternoon by Little Daisy Chains 


  1. They are so beautiful! Wonderful captures!

  2. They are so perfect!!! Both are just absolutely stunning and beautiful children.

  3. Seriously there is so much light in your photos...love them!

  4. cutest kids ever! how was/is the transition from 1-2 babies? do tell

  5. Gorgeous! That dreamy effect is beautiful. I love the soft colours and that expression is so gentle and wondering.

  6. AOI is stunning! Just beautiful!

  7. beautiful! i've linked them to my blog as my favorites of the past week.


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