15 Feb 2014

Mr T.: 1 Month


Dear amore di mamma,

Today you turn one month.

Around this time last month I was living between dream and reality. I couldn’t believe the miracle that happened just few hours before. Giving birth within short time of period while in the comfort of my home, while your sister slept in her bedroom was a miracle. Thirty one days since you turned our world upside down and we can’t imagine our lives without you.

mr t and mummy 1 got this picture idea from a photo I pinned two years ago {via for reference}

Last Sunday we took you to the church for the first time. You were the celebrity of the day. Everyone wanted to have a peak at you. And they marvel at how cute and sweet you are. You steal heart with your quiet charm.

Growth. You’re shooting up, you feed well for this reason. Monday we went to the midwife just you and I. You weigh 9lbs 15oz. These days you want to feed non stop if you are not sleeping. You feed you sleep and by the time I finish doing something around the house and I’m about to sit to chill you wake up and it all goes to square one.

You can lift your head during tummy time. You enjoy sleeping on your tummy and you can turn your head left and right by yourself. You’ve been sneezing and having hiccups loads, but I read that it’s common in infants. Your coos, and gurgles and grunts welcome me into your world.

Mr T. week 4

I cannot not mention your eyes. How can I describe them. The sparkling brown diamonds are getting more beautiful by the fraction. When I say your name and you turn them on me as to say Hey lady, you’re my mammi! My knees become candle near fire. And I think, how did I become so fortunate to had this handsome boy in my life. Your going to steal hearts, and I think that without bias. Thank God you chose me as your mother, I would steal you if you weren’t mine; but He and you didn’t want me to commit a crime.

You remind me of your daddy’s daddy and my daddy: 1 handsome + 1 handsome = 2 handsome.Mr T. 28 days

Your granny booked her flight to come and see you next month, she can’t wait to hold. She had to weight all this time because she is coming to keep us company when daddy is away in Australia for a work trip. Also your paternal grandparents booked their flight to come and see you in May. We plan our first road trip – we can’t wait.

Photos. You and your sister have so many pictures I can’t see how you will complain you don’t have any childhood pictures, maybe you two will complain that I take too many pictures. In fact your sister has started refusing having her pictures taken so I’m learning to capture her in the act of doing something but her movements are too fast most pictures turn out blurry or not centred. But I’m learning to use my camera in full manual, so I will get to the point when I snap pictures in motion and it turns out just fine.

Oh boy, you just gifted me with your first proper smile. I kiss your soft cheek and you smile. You’re melting my heart and I can’t wait to see the big grin you will give me very soon.

snaps of T first month copyright

1. first day you were born/ 2. a week old/ 3. i love how you wrap you tiny fingers around my index when you feed/ 4. 28 days since I’ve been swimming in those deep brown eyes

My heart, my heart beats fast as I see these snaps of your first month. Time is slipping away from my finger too fast. Gosh, you steal my heart every second.

love you deeply,

Mummy TOI!


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  1. It's hard to believe it's been a month already! Time is flying by. And everybody at church always loves a new baby. Glad Mr T is healthy and steady growing strong.

  2. Time sure does fly! Can't wait to see him grow into the 2handsome little guy he's going to become!

  3. A month flies by for sure! Can't believe how fast time is flying!


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