28 Feb 2014

Mr T.: Week 6


Dear sweetie T,

Yesterday I was talking to your grandmother {my mother} about how your birth felt like a miracle. The night after you were born I recorded the raw emotions of the day. I haven’t listened to it since because I get excited just thinking about it, but I intend to one of these days.

lovely T

So your grandmother was saying that she was surprise when she received the first picture of you as a fresh new born baby, because we talked the night before and soon after our conversation my water broke and from there on everything went by fast. Now you’re growing at a blink of an eyes.

Mr T 42 days

This week you are a little grabby. You grab daddy’s beard or my clothes firmly.

Today you woke up at around 5:19am for the first feed after you fell asleep at around 11pm. Hopefully you’ll get to the next milestone – sleeping through the night.

I look at you, your tiny feet playing in my free hand, your sweet baby defined arms, I kiss the knuckles and wrist, I kiss the warm cheeks, your head and my heart melts each time. I hold you tight to quench my deep love.

Mr T week 6

your sister jumping off the stool

I still have to catch my breath when I look at you and your sister because I can’t stop wondering how these beautiful children are MY OWN children, mine… and daddy’s too. My heart beats fast each time I look at your lovely faces.

Happy 6th week out of the womb little boy.

All my love and more,

Mummy TOI. ___________


  1. uuuuuummm, how is he 6 weeks old already???!! cherish these days and enjoy your beautiful family of 4 :)


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