21 Feb 2014

Mr T.: Week 5


Dear mister lovely grin,

This week daddy carried you around the house in a baby carrier your auntie M bought for you, all the while singing Les Miserables, his favourite musical.

daddy carrying T

Also this week you gave us more smiles. You grin when I say “Ciao T” and kiss your sweet tender cheeks. In your grin I read "Mummy, I love you" and "I like your kiss on the cheek". Then you make the sweetest cooes. I want to hold you tight and make you feel all my love for you. This morning, around 4:40am, you started cooing and grinning. I held your tiny hand as I dozed off. I kept looking at your peaceful expression, you laid down next to me, looking deeply at me. I felt in heaven.

Mr T. 35days copy

Last Saturday I took you to my writer’s group. Sunday, just before dinner, we went to the ice rink for your sister to ‘practice’ her skating. She was more into lying on the ice than skating but really she is getting good, she can move forward couple of steps without help. She can’t wait to teach you how to skate – just because she saw Peppa Pig, the cartoon, teaching her already skate talented brother. I can’t wait to see the two of interacting.

Yesterday I took you and your sister to the playgroup for the first time. You were so good and didn’t cry when you wanted to feed.

I love how you wrap your arm on my breast or your grip my top when you are feeding. I really enjoy feeding you, is a special bonding between us. I pray I have enough milk to breastfeed you for at least eleven more months – of course I plan to introduce fresh vegetables and fruit to you when you turn four months.

Mr T. week 5

Your baby body is still learn but your skin is nicely filled. Yesterday at the midwife's appointment I told that you look healthy even though you’re not chubby. She explained that you have long bones. Daddy told me you may become a footballer, and I said maybe a hockey player, but really we’ll be happy with any sport you may choose to practice.  

You can lift your head and turn side to side. You moved your legs so much you sometimes look like you’re crawling. I don’t want to think about those milestone because it says your growing too fast.

mummy and T

Look at those tender cheeks, tiny kissable lips and big eyes – I wonder what you’re looking outside the window in that picture. Awwwwww!

to you my love,

Mummy TOI


  1. Look at those big eyes and tiny feet!!! He's adorable!!!

  2. He is the most handsome little guy and looks so alert.

  3. He has the biggest, brightest most beatiful eyes ever. He must be such a joy. What color are his eyes BTW??

    1. He is a true joyful little boy. His eyes are dark brown with still the baby blue on the iris


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