19 Feb 2014

Musings: Keeping My Creative Mind Alive

project instagram copy

My thinking mind is at its best early in the morning, when I'm still between dream and reality. When I'm feeding my boy my thoughts race, sometimes they crash for their speed. Then when my writing mind wakes up at around 10am I find myself staring blank at the computer screen or the white pages. And life sweet distractions join the chorus with phone calls, baby cries, toddler need for mummy’s attention…

While I wait to find a balance between my thoughts and writing and a general routine, I'm grateful for instagram. My creativity is not suffering because I’m posting photos and few words everyday. I feel like my photography is benefitting thanks to the instagram community I’m part of.

Two weeks before I gave birth I created a public account on instagram. Initially I posted some old pictures then slowly I started to share glimpses of my everyday life as a family of four. I felt like through my passion for photography I could shout my happiness to the world. Five days after baby boy was born, I saw a daily photo challenge just for instagram in the newsletter of Clickinmoms, a photography community I’m part of. I took up the challenge and since then my iphone photography has improved. I think about light, focus, timing, composition, angle, message behind each photo and I try to push myself out of my comfort zone – I just don’t shoot what is readily in front of me. I’m daring myself and want to push my own boundaries. I’m thoughtful about photography more than ever. The happiness of a mother when a child sleeps is captured in the beauty of the same child. A food is not only something to eat but something to enjoy visually before eating. A feet is not only for walking but also for posing. The bonding of a mother and child thanks to breastfeeding is priceless.

My personal challenge is to shoot every single photo with my iPhone. So far I’m happy about the results.

This afternoon, as I was writing my sweet baby boy slept soundly on the sofa next me, his sister was taking a nap and daddy was reading. I turned to my little boy and just like that I got inspired – I got the photo for today’s prompt.

letter m

M shaped sweet little baby lips. This is why iPhone-graphy can be exciting, the moments that we can’t always capture with our big DSLR camera are possible with an iPhone.


Question: How do you keep your creativity alive when life seems to have the better of you?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love your Instagram posts by the way :-).

  2. I truly love the way you think about photography. It's beautiful and so are your captures!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of the baby sleeping!

  4. I saw a comment you left on Erica's (To The Sea) IG the other day and started following you. I am not much of a photographer, and I don't even have an iPhone but I still try to post a few pics a week on IG, to keep for the future! (Especially since me blogging is very lacking lately!) Looking forward to seeing your IG pics! :-)


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