5 Feb 2014

Musings: Rediscovering Myself

self 2013
{Feb 3rd, 2013}
My journal entries are becoming children’s daily activities documents, nothing about my personal feelings anymore. This year I bought a new journal in the hope to write to rediscover myself but I’ve been using that journal to update my family life. Now, I want to write for me, to remind myself of who I’m as a person, what I love and even though I’m a mother and I love watching cartoons and eating children’s yogurt with my toddler, I’m still a woman with my own likes and dislikes.
Snow is dusting,
but not thick snow flacks falling down
to cover the ground like a thick white winter coat.
I miss tree tops shimmering under the wintery sun
like angels dancing on thin ice.
I want to catch flacks on my tongue,
ice skating surrounded by winter wonderland.
Today, while my husband and daughter were at the swimming pool,
I looked in the mirror, my afro hair proud on my head
my face little dry in places, my lips full and peach red,
I told the woman staring back at me
“You’re hot! You sure can be a yummy mummy,”
I left the bathroom happy, took post-partum self-portraits
and held my son tight. His delicate body so fragile in my hands.
My midwife told me I can start working out, so I’m going to
work on my fitness. Start from today I’m going to practice yoga again.
My goal for last month was to enjoy the beauty of motherhood.
Motherhood has many faces, some make you wanna cry like a baby,
some, simply, take your breath away.


  1. Love this!!! It's hard not to lose yourself in your children and husband but I'm
    Glad you are taking moment to rediscover!!

  2. Recognizing and being dedicated to keeping oneself a priority is so hard sometimes as a wife and mother but necessary. I am a firm believe that we truly have to spend time with ourselves to keep a certain kind of joy that makes our families happy.

  3. YES!!! This is so beautiful. And boy do some make me want to cry like a baby...


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