26 Feb 2014

Musings: What Demands Your Time?


Since becoming a mother of two I have to change how I manage my time. Though my husband is home most days of the week, sometimes I still find myself overwhelmed by all the things I have to do during the day. I’m producing lot of milk to my son’s contentment.

Time is slipping by so quick. And every time I sit at my desk in my office the goal to get my novel try to achieve that goal. I realise I gave birth just over a month ago, a part of me says I should give myself a break but the other part {the bigger part} doesn’t want to use that excuse to slack. I want to utilise nap times to do as much as I can – but nap times seem to be slipping away too.

When it comes to my blogging, I want to give more to my readers than just our everyday life updates, portraits of my children and letters to Mr T. I have blog posts which I believe are might be useful and hopefully be helpful to at least a person out there. However, I haven’t had the mental chance to type them down. I feel like a wind without a proper destination.

Last Saturday something clicked in me. When I returned from the writer’s workshop AMI said “I’ve thought about WDAT”

“What the initials stand for?” I asked confused. After been away nearly the whole day I was beginning to feel the tiredness.

“What demands AMI’s time.” I was intrigued. He told me the things that demand his time and in which order they do. Then he asked me “What demands your time?”

I thought about them and told him my list.

Mr T. is on top of the list because a baby doesn’t understand the phrase “Please wait a second,” when he cries he demands my time right there and then. Next is AOI, she understands the previous phrase but sometimes she just needs mummy’s attention, which I love to give. Next is food, then my novel, then photos and blogging, time for my husband. Cleaning the dishes and the house are at the bottom of WDYT.

So since Sunday I’m doing things a little bit different.

I map down these demands and then dedicate my time entirely to them alternatively; meaning if Mr. T cries for me I drop everything I’m doing and look after him. Once he is happy I check if AOI needs me. If she’s happy playing with her toys or reciting her books, I look into cooking, if cooking is all done and AOI is sleeping I work on my novel and distract myself with social media {blogging, instagram, emails…}. Hubby and I are having more conversations before bedtime which happens around 11-12am. I really try my best to avoid staring at the computer screen when my daughter is awake and she is looking at every activity I do.

I think this new system will help me accomplish lot more – maybe I’ll sleep less but I’ll achieve many goals in this way. I’ll see how things turn out.


Question: What demands your time? How do you manage yourself time on a daily basis?


  1. That's awesome because it sounds like it won't make you feel too guilty when you are spending time on the things you want to spend time on in the moment! I'm a terrible time manager too but right now it makes it easy because after work... My day is structured for me which is helpful...

  2. This is an awesome way to manage your time! My time is dependent on where I am. When I am at work, my work demands my time and when I am at home, JOE demands my time.
    Hubby also demands my time but he thankfully isn't as demanding as JOE :-).

  3. It sounds like quite a juggling act to be a mom of 2 and a wife. It's just me and my husband. The biggest drain on my time is work. That is a good chunk of time gone. Without having kids luckily the rest of the time I can allocate to writing, blogging, reading, errands, household chores and whatever else I need to get done. And it still feels tight!!

  4. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and happy I did. I wanted to introduce myself as your newest follower. :) I am a SAHM to our 15mo old daughter. So to answer your question - my daughter is what demands my time. She is actually pretty independent with playing on her own with her toys so I am able to get some things done while she plays or naps... I am learning as I go!

    haha Anyways, I sure hope you'll come by and follow along with my little family in south FL.


    The McGuire Family


  5. a small child of 10 months demands my time ;) I found the best way to manage my time was to not to stress out too much if everything doesn't get done or I have to juggle things around. stressing out makes me less efficient! being a mom of 2 must be quite the juggling act, it sounds like you have a pretty good plan.


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