24 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: Baker’s Family

On the first day of week 8, I woke up happy and ready for the day.

Mr T lovely feet

Mr T. taking a nap in his cot while mummy is resisting not to eat those toes and legs. Awww, he’s a sweetie, love him so.

It was family day in Saskatchewan, we stayed home and I talked for about an hour to my sister in law while I was multitasking – breastfeeding and whatsuping and instagraming occasionally. AMI was entertaining AOI downstairs.

Nap time proved a battle because daddy went to work soon after AOI’s snap and I was left with two children to look after. A tired toddler who didn’t want to nap and hungry baby.

We worked together as team when it came to parenting. In the evening AOI came to ask me if she can read another book while daddy clearly told her that reading 10books before bedtime were enough. He warned me as soon as she walked into my room "She is playing us against each other". I'm telling you, she is twelve in a two year old body.

Tuesday morning AOI decided that it was more fun eating corn flakes without milk. It was a messy vision but she enjoyed it so much she had two bowls.

AMI came back from French playgroup tired because AOI wasn't in the mood to be social. She had some meltdowns and didn't want to repeat things in French, she kept asking him to speak English. He suggested we start practicing French daily. When AOI went for a nap, AMI went to work for couple of hours. I took that moment to snap pictures of sleeping angel.

sleeping angel

Every time my children sleep I take that moment to enjoy a photo shoot session.

Thursday evening I went into my office and I was surprise and content with myself to see the time. It was 8pm and the whole day I didn’t sit in front of my laptop once until then. I took AOI and Mr T. to the indoor playgroup. I managed to survive thanks to the ladies there. For instance I was breastfeeding Mr T. when AOI quietly said “Pee, pee” I had to give Mr T. to one of my mummy friends and run with AOI to the toilet.

It was a bit tiring when it came to snack time, because AOI didn’t want to sit and she spilled the water twice. Next week I have to be more organise and have to keep Mr T. in the baby carrier.

In the afternoon AMI suggested we all help him bake a cake. So our family activity consisted in baking a carrot and raisin cake. It was yummy!

cake prep
Friday morning I woke up around ten minutes to nine. Mr T. started to cry as I was getting ready for the day and AMI just left the house for a meeting. I had to dress Miss A so I carried on doing so.

My daughter started to complain and my son’s cries increased. But I carried on, while drops of sweat dribbled down my face.

After feeding T, I took the children out to join my new mummy friend to go to a gymnastic centre to let our toddlers play. On our we back home I had to drive around the block couple of time to let AOI fall asleep. I recognised my strength when I had to carry her on one shoulder, hold two bags on one harm and in other hand carry the car-seat where Mr T. was sleeping.

Saturday I went a writer's workshop hosted by my group. Mr T. came with me and he was quiet like an angel. Didn’t cry, such a gentle baby – AOI was just like that at his age. When I got back how AMI and I spent the rest of the afternoon bonding through conversation. We talk, a proper conversation about our priorities and time management. I need to manage my time properly and sort out my priorities.

Sunday we opted out from church, by 5pm we all felt like zombies around the house. Still we managed to survive until 11pm.

Week 8 everyday life collection

connect 4

AOI wanted to play connect 4 with daddy

daddy carrys baby T

a father singing Les Miserables to his son while carrying in the baby carrier around the house

father and daughter cooking

father and daughter working together to create the yummy carrot and raisin cake – labour of love, but how daughter doesn’t like cake

eating carrot

a toddler enjoy grated carrot for the carrot and raisin cake

carrot cake

that yummy cake

aoi drawingAOI drawing and learning her numbers

mummy and children

mummy, daughter and son enjoying some time together – I’m a doctor


awww, Elephante soaking up the winter afternoon sun after a nice walk around the house

heart stockings

a toddler, she loves those pinky rain boots



This week we spent 108$. AMI was aiming to spend only 100$. One thing I love about living a frugal life is how we look forward to the food shopping on Wednesday because by Tuesday evening we don’t much left in the fridge.

my week 8 fridge

I’m looking forward to this Wednesday shopping because I want toasted corn and peanuts – nowadays I appreciate what I eat.

How was your week?

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  1. These are beautiful moments. You capture them very well. I would like to do the same but I find myself getting "caught up" in everyday life.

    1. Being caught up with everyday life can be hard to bypass. I carry my camera with me even when I'm breastfeeding :)

  2. You make my 365 day photo challenge look so bad lol. These are some awesome pictures that you captured. I am so busy regulating I have no time to capture the moments.

    1. I'm shooting in manual and I'm still finding it hard to capture some moments because I can't regulate fast enough to capture for instance my daughter interacting with her brother

  3. You are an amazingly patient mother. To put it plainly I would have probably lost my sh*t by now with that much sleep deprivation. Although, I'm sure a lot of it is just go with the flow. Dominic and I play with doctor bag toys too, he calls himself "Doctor Dominic" and I'm "Doctor mama" :) . I love all the photographs <3

    1. I try my best to be patient, but when I can't I just leave the situation for a second to silently scream and breath, lol.

  4. Such beautiful captures! Loving her pink rain boots, so cute!
    And that cake looks amazing.

    I love that you do these posts, they make me smile each time I read them.

    1. Thank you so much. I love doing this very much and I glad they bring you a smile :)

  5. That pic of AOI napping is so beautiful. I am totally with you about taking any opportunity for a photoshoot.
    I hope she enjoys French soon, it's always awesome to have an extra language.

    1. Yesterday she surprised us with counting in French, she doesn't show interest there but when we're home she wants me to tell her things both in Italian and French. She will enjoy them in the future :)

  6. There is something magical about children sleeping...wow your frugal living sounds amazing and appreciating what you are eating....love that. A family of four on less than $450 a month...impressive. Does AOI drink milk? I find we buy milk every other day?

  7. Lovely photos! I love her little stocking in that last photo. So cute!

  8. Beautiful moments you captured! I'm thinking about doing a frugal moment with my family for lent. Its a great way to appreciate what we have and not take anything for granted! I love the carrot cake! My daughter loves the shredded carrots too!


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