17 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: Good Morning Sunshine

From Tuesday onwards my daughter walked into our bedroom every morning and greeted me with a great grin on her face. The light in the corridor has taken away her fear of the dark and it’s wonderful to wake up with a smiling toddler standing next to you – it does take away all the tiredness from the sleepless nights before.
afternoon nap
AOI after an afternoon nap lying next to daddy while he speaks on the phone with his mummy

This song is not related to how I felt during week 7 of 2014, but is one of my favourite songs and is sung by one of my favourite songwriters, who I came to know of his music too late. I’m sharing it because my Church choir sung it during a mini concert they hosted yesterday after church during free lunch they offered.


aoi dreamy

This is the smile that greeted me nearly every morning on week 7 of 2014. Tuesday I woke up couple of times to feed Mr T. {3.35am and 5:40am} – I went back to sleep and I was still dozing when I heard AOI faint footsteps making their way to our room. I wanted to hide under the covers but couldn’t so I turned my sleepy eyes on her. My soul jumped out from it place and made a happy waltz when I saw the warm smile standing at the side of my bed so early in the day two tiny books in one hand and Elefante held tight under the other arm. I was the happiest mother, the tiredness I felt a few seconds earlier vanished. My heart filled to the brim, I put Mr T. in his cot and took AOI to cuddle her tight, she had made my day even it was just 7am.

Monday I was still a tired woman from last week. AMI took AOI to the swimming pool. I couldn’t rest because Mr T. wanted to feed nearly all the time. He went down for his morning nap at 10:00am. In the meantime I revised my novel for one hour by 11:30am he wanted another feed more. He then went back to nap again until I took him to the midwife for a routine visit. He weighs 4.5kgs, he is doing very well.

I’m happy about the revisions I’m doing to my novel because the new details allow the reader to picture Verona in hers or his mind. The next thing I want to do is share pieces of the story on my blog beginning March 2014.

Daddy tried taking AOI out of the house without diaper and it was a success. He came home happy because he’s getting used to the idea of going to the French playgroup and this week he decided to practice his school days French. One thing I love about my husband is the determination and consistency he has when he starts a new project. He’s more dedicated in practicing his French and that boosts dedication too. He downloaded an app…

learning french

So, since Tuesday we’re both practicing our French and things are starting to sit in the brain. If I don’t keep up with my husband’s pace start more than I do, he will be way ahead in few months.

You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon on Grooveshark

Paul Simon music was our week 7 anthem, I love how his songs tell a story. I danced and I was even more happy because fresh thick snowflakes fell to my heart desire, I went outside to take some self portraits. 

in the snow

Thursday AMI took AOI to our local playgroup and he tried out of home potty training again. It was another successful attempt. In the afternoon towards half past four C. brought Lil C. over for a play date/dinner date. The girls had fun together. A few times AOI told C. that the toys were hers to which I said it's good to take turns. They stayed over for dinner we had a potluck, AMI prepared fish and chips. Lil C. bought borsch soup. Everything was yummy. The girls weren't into eating the soup, Lil C. loves chips and peas. But importantly both AOI and C wanted to run between the dinning area and the living room.

It was nice having them over. We Suggested doing the same thing every other Thursday. Just nice to have friends over for play date and dinner.

Friday AMI had all day meeting. I survived without meltdowns and Mr. T. has good naps. AMI bought me a bucket of popcorn – frugal Valentine's gift.

Went to bed early.

Saturday was a sunny day, I went to my writer's group. It felt good to talk about my writing progress. During the rest of the day I managed to get few go through my emails, reply to blog comments and posted on my blog and read some blogs – I have so many more to catch up with. I edited photos and enjoy some time with my children.I learnt a new trick on my camera, setting manual shutter speed and aperture. I was proud about how productive as I was on this particular day.

Sunday we to church. Service was exciting, the sermon was beautiful and I was wide awake to listen to it. AOI went to Sunday school and I was about to cry when I saw AMI twenty minutes later walking back into his seat. She stayed down with everyone without want him to stay That marked another milestone in her growth. That tells me that she doesn’t need one of us to be near her every single second. She really ready to start going to preschool. Mahhhh! I cry, but I’m happy for her. 

In the afternoon, after naps we went to the Oval to ice skate. I didn’t skate but AOI is improving at each visit. She still likes to stand there or lie on the ice and say “Help, anybody help me!” That toddler of mine makes me laugh.

I always think that when my memory is all faded and photography and words are the only things to remind me of how our past days went by, the little details of our everyday life will be the most important things in our lives. So I want my life to be fill with joyful details like

a walk in the big freeze

when a father takes his daughter for a winter walk even in –30 degrees weather.

grumpy aoi

a toddler practicing her pretend grumpy face, when really she is a happy girl

aoi and cb

a toddler, happy to see her best friend in her house for a play-date


a mother happy to showcase her beautiful empty wallet

cavallo fa il bagno

a toddler imagining an adventure with her toy cavallo in the bathtub

sleeping sibling

most of all, a mother over the moon to see her two children beautifully and soundly asleep bathed by the afternoon sunlight

And I love every simple thing that make our present everyday life so special



This week we spent 130$, 15$ extra on our food shopping because we bought few things that weren’t food related – like a toddler flashing blue brush.

blue tooth brush

Frugal food shopping made us look forward to Wednesday because by Tuesday evening we don’t have much left and on food shopping day we can finally fill our fridge with nice and yummy things.

How was your week?

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  1. The photo of your children sleeping together is heartstoppingly beautiful. And I cannot begin to express how jealous I am of your snow!

  2. These pictures are just so precious! You are doing great with your photography!

  3. you take such beautiful photos...and it's always a treat when your children wake up happy instead of grumpy!

    1. Awww, that's so nice and you're right I love grinning waking kids :)

  4. I love the photographs. The picture of baby-girl all bundled up made me giggle a little. She is just the cutest. I love that he takes her with him. And are toddlers just the absolute sweetest in the morning. Dominic is usually all cuddly and excited to start a new day.

    1. I know, and then by six the meltdown begins :)

  5. the photos are just beautiful...your pics are filled with so much love!! and how cute are the sibs cuddled together...what a blessing!!!

    1. thank you so much, I just capture the simple things that make happy and I'm in love with

  6. Lovely pictures as always! The ones of AOI and Daddy going for the walk are funny, so much warm clothing!! haha

    1. Dressing with ten layers before leaving the house is one thing we don't like about Saskatchewan winter, but is fun to document for one day when will laugh at the memory :)

  7. Love the picture of AOI and Mr T sleeping together! Talk about cuteness overload. Love the new wallet. Our city uses that same crown shape as it's logo since we're known as the Queen City.


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